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Scale Your Shopify Studio

What if you had the support to change the framework of your business to run a multi-6-figure even 7 figure studio that is just SIMPLER?

What if you could learn how to streamline your core offering to start offering more profitable, quicker turnaround services to fill the gaps?

What if you had he support to: outsource to people who KNOW what they’re doing, have a support network of entrepreneurs at all stages, and the month to month support as you grow?

I’ll show you how to unlock design freedom, tailor a streamlined process, and pursue profit to unlock your schedule and grow your team.

I want you to grow your profits by 50% in the next 6 months, add support that you desperately need and clarity in the process that gets you there.

Here’s the problem…

You want to go beyond just being a brand designer, you know your *dream* clients need more than that, and you would LOVE to offer it with the same confidence you can with your branding services.

But currently you lack the confidence and know how… you think that:

  • Shopify is complicated
  • It’s too expensive for the clients you’re attracting
  • That you need to be a professional coder
  • That you don’t have the time to learn how to the proper mechanics of how to code so you don’t make a profit ever because you outside these parts
  • You get overwhelmed trying to piece together how-to’s from tutorials that are confusing at best
  • You can’t make your own templates to streamline your design process for lower ticket clients

If you want to learn how to grow from just a brand designer to a full-service studio that can create custom high quality shopify stores, I have something for you…

The step by step program that shows you how to create high quality custom Shopify websites while ditching the cookie cutter templates for good!

  • End-to-end process map from inquiry to project management to delivery
  • SOPs for Design to development to bring on team with ease
  • Templates on Figma to accelerate your design process
  • Create clarity with project management and scope lessons for ecommerce
  • Learn Web design (UX/UI) methodologies specifically for ecommerce
  • Development checklists to keep you in action mode
  • In depth tutorials and wiki resources for code snippets you can keep forever!
  • Designer friendly trainings on Shopify Liquid
  • Handoff process for site launches and testing protocols for custom work
  • Tips and tricks on tools that will help streamline your operations
  • A community of designers like you to lean on and developers to collab with

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