Laura Lopuch – The Cold Email Cash Flow Method


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Making another $50k, $75k, $100k, $150k or more would be a dream!

You need a simple, easy-to-follow system with a proven track record of success.

You like to keep your business calm, streamlined, and manageable.

You’re the self-motivated type and are open to learning smart new strategies.

You want to make more sales, without the stress or time-suck of “social media.”

For this method to work you do NOT need:

x A social media following

x A referral network

x An expensive team

x A fancy degree

x Or even an email list!

“How can this work for me if I don’t even have an email list?”

The Cold Email Cash Flow method shows you how to take charge of your business destiny.

You don’t “wait for clients” to rain down on you…

You make the rain – so you create your stream of clients and cash.

What You Get Inside This Program:

01 Mise En Place

Get your success foundation in place! Learn how to feel confident when reaching out to people, and take the guesswork out of the tech you need to do business like a pro.

02 Cold Email Framework

Get the inside scoop on the secret ingredients of successful cold emails, learn to find great leads, and the 7 types of cold emails that can help you boost your business.

03 Write a Cold Sales Email

Next, put the ingredients together so you know how to write a wining cold sales email. This is your ticket to getting more consistent client work.

04 Top-Secret Moves to Up-Level

My top-secret ninja moves to up-level your cold email and transform it from freezing cold to “oh hey, I’ve heard of this person!”

BONUS Quick ‘n’ Easy Follow Up Roadmap

A custom easy-to-follow roadmap guides you through the confusion of following up, like: when, what to say, and how often to follow up.

So you confidently navigate the tricky forest of following up effectively without coming across as nagging… or pestering.

BONUS Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Linda Ugelow

In this 1-hour workshop, you’ll discover the education-focused mindset that’s preventing you from experimenting (and why it’s detrimental to your profitability as a service professional). Discover which of the 3 common myths are holding you back. Clear that sh*t out, so you click send and get new clients.

BONUS Right Sales Mindset Training with Linda Perry

Sales is 99% about your thoughts and 1% about who you’re selling to. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to conquer your mindset and confidently sell (without the sleaze, hesitation or weird feelings).

BONUS Master Sales Calls System

This workshop gives you my sales call script (including swipe-able emails!) to guide your prospect towards signing a contract. And how to avoid the common pitfalls that might derail your new almost-client.

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