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Now, one of the first questions you might ask is what’s the difference between the book and the masterclass? Why is there even a masterclass? Aren’t all questions answered within the book?
And the answer is simple…

The book is and always will be the beginning of this system that anyone can use to further their skills, since it answers 2 of the most common issue’s in practice, that of “progress” and “consistency”.

However, the real difference is while the book is aimed towards anyone who wishes to fasten their progress in their skill or hobby, the masterclass is specifically aimed towards PROFESSIONALS or those who aspire to become one.

It’s meant for people who want to dive as deep as possible into all the different ways of taking things to the next level, since for them it’s well worth the effort to do so…

It’s for people, who’s skill is more than just a hobby.

Having these 2 levels separated gave me the opportunity to serve and create a way to make this system available to anyone without those ambitions…

The book’s main goal is to first of all get you un-stuck and back on the road towards progress and consistency…

However, the masterclass is something that goes way deeper and beyond the scope of the book.

You see… Using the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle, the “Natural’s Method” and the “90% Consistency Rule” is only 2 single shifts and puzzle pieces out of more than 21 I’ve created along the years…

And since there’s no way to put as much value and content within the limits of that single format, the masterclass gives me the option to teach much deeper in a way where I’m able to keep adding further value potentially for the rest of my life…

There’s much more tactics and there’s so many strategies I could share from the years of observing Naturals and it would be impossible for me to show you everything needed in just one single book.

Because what most people have is something that I would call “Hope Progress”. Most people have no proven rinse and repeat way to progress for their entire practice.

They attempt “random acts of progress” trying out something here or there but nothing ever really seems to work predictably.

And what they experience is that they get one or two of the things they practice further one month and then nothing the next… and their progress is on this roller coaster.

As if playing darts with a blindfold on…

And while the book was meant to eliminate 1/4th of that frustration, there is so much more that could be done…

Because if you are someone who really wants to DIVE DEEP into what creates progress.

Someone who is really serious about their skill and wants a proven way to develop their skills further, you might be wondering how you can implement ALL the tactics and strategies as quickly, easily and as fast as possible.

And the fastest way to get started is the training program and the system I’ve created after more than a decade, called…

“The Practice Blueprint – Masterclass”

A system, covering the solution to every single issue named that’s blocking your progress and your success as a professional.
A training that was created by capturing, encoding, replicating and transferring knowledge and experience. And if the talent and skill can be captured and decoded into specific steps then the skill is also transferrable…

And I truly believe you can architect your perfect practice based on these 5 modules of “The Practice Blueprint” and if you simply apply only a fraction of what I give you, I promise you’ll see much greater results you’ve ever gotten from the book…

[Module #1]


  • The “90% CONSISTENCY RULE” Revisited:
    – Understanding the significance of the “90% Consistency Rule” and its impact on skill mastery.
  • Reminder of the “2 Step Forward 1 Step Back Method” and why going over your limits the right way is the secret that keeps your “routines” safe. (Covered inside the book)
  • Why practicing always the same or practicing always something new won’t work & the hidden combination that will crack the code to progress.
  • Why trusting your emotions about the right time to start a new drill might be one of the biggest blocks to progress and what you should do instead.
  • What’s the right amount of difficulty you should aim for & how to get into the “Flow” state the fastest way possible… Also learn how practicing hard can become much easier than going easy on yourself.

[Module #2]


  • How To Maximize Your Potential In The “Warm Up Phase”, in the shortest time possible so you can save yourself tremendous quality energy… It’s THE ONE technique that makes “Progress Hacking” really work.
  • The One Major Difference from how Natural’s measure their results from Non-Natural’s and how to change yours.

[Module #3]


Learn everything you need to know about the process of choosing your next move & how to distinguish “Qualitative Skills” that make you progress further from “Quantitative Skills”, that slows your progress down…

Learn the “Execution Filter” & “Testing Phase” technique and discover how just 1 hour of testing can save you thousands in the long run.

[Module #4]


  • Learn why limiting your options will make you achieve a lot more and why having an unlimited amount of options distracts us from what we truly could achieve.
  • How to let go of the “Limiting Chain” and set a goal that you initially thought was beyond your possibilities, but is actually very possible.
  • The one shortcut every pro uses to get ahead – knowing the difference between “Variety & Difficulty” based drills!

[Module #5]


  • Learn how top athletes who are training alone, monitor their progress, using specific sport psychology tactics & strategies.
  • The difference between “Instant & Delayed Feedback” & why if you fail to utilize either of them the right way, you are actually practicing getting worse.
  • What I did to learn all of this & how you can do the same… Using it to master any skill. (Saving the BEST for last)


Now, I would really hate for you to loose out on this. So here’s my offer…

Go through the training… try it all out and if for some reason you decide it’s not for you and you want a refund, no problem.

You’re completely protected by my 3 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Just send me an email to [email protected] and I will refund you no questions asked.

It’s really as simple as that.

No hassle, no hard feelings, but I don’t want you to make the mistake of not taking a chance when it comes to this training.

What’s the worst that could happen? All investments have risks… except this one.

The worst that can happen is you get to learn about a formula and experience a new paradigm that was under work for more than a decade…

Actually that’s the worst that can happen.

Or let’s say the training does not perform for you as well as I’m promising… in other words, let’s be “realistic” about it and it only accelerates your progress about to an extra hour of time per day.

Meaning you reach your goals only an hour faster in your practice as you would have without the training.

Would it be safe to say that you will practice for the long-term?

Long-term meaning… Will you still be practicing a month from now, 2 months, 3 months?

What if you would apply these strategies one year, 5 or 10 years from now… What would be the result of that?

What would be the benefit you receive as a result from investing into your practice training? How will you feel about achieving a lot more? What will it mean to you mentally? What if you don’t?

If you think about where you wanted to be 6 months ago…

Are you further ahead or not as far as you would like to be? If you would keep up the same pace, how long would it take to get you to your goals at the rate you’re going now?

…Especially when you’re already working at a maximum capacity.

As you can calculate yourself it’s not really hard to get a return on this investment, even if you only get an extra hour per day of time back.

For the value I’m giving and the guarantee behind it I know it’s a crazy offer, but I want everyone to experience the increase in success, productivity, and freedom that comes from learning how to control their progress.

And now you can do it for a price that’s not only affordable… but also risk-free. Because the true risk is to not even try…


Because if you don’t have a blueprint in fact you’re almost as if trying to solve this maze… and you probably gonna make a lot of mistakes, bad turns with costly trial and error. And waste a lot of your time, while being frustrated…

And what’s worse is that you may not EVER finish it at all… and might possibly quit before the end.


Instead what if you have a proven blueprint on how to succeed in practice and accelerate your progress within a system that you can follow, step-by-step.

Where I can teach you everything you need to know to succeed and get the results you deserve.

That’s what the Practice Blueprint is meant to achieve, but I would like to REPEAT that this would require you to be more than just a “hobbyist”.

And if it’s right for you, then honestly I would be glad if you get it. If it’s not right for you, I don’t want you to get it.

As said the whole reason you can’t find instant access to my next level training materials is to make sure it’s the right fit for the right people and that’s what the book was meant to achieve…

And if what you learned so far made not only sense but you feel it really helped you in some meaningful way, then I truly believe if you want to take it to the next level and if that is your aim…

If you truly want to discover your full potential…

Then the single most beneficial thing you could learn, that gives you the most leverage for your future, is learning the exact process to master your skill and doing it in the most efficient way (humanly) possible.

Yet, don’t take it from me…


I want to make something ABUNDANTLY clear.

I’ve thought a lot about how to make this thing entirely risk free for you as much as possible and partly it’s one of the reasons why I went towards creating a digital course instead a live training.

And I actually came up with something…

Now IMAGINE for a moment that I would have taken this course and made it into a live training workshop. (Which I’ve already done before).

The amount of material inside converted to about 10 hours of listening to me talking… Given that I would tell you everything word for word without hesitation.

What would you say how much would you get out of that in terms of valuable information?

Actually there’s a statistic on that.

Statistics say that we only get about 70% of the information saved in our memory from what we hear for the first time, by actively listening. That means without multitasking like for instance taking notes.

This statistic drops to about 50% if we have to take notes on the subject we are listening to. Notes that could only have a fraction of the information I provide through my live mumbling…

To be honest there’s no way I could give you a perfect word for word copy of 10 hours material live, I could do a 2 hour talk for a day, which made my workshops often 5 days long on average.

So if you ask why did I create a course instead a live workshop?

The reason is…

The price/quality factor I could provide.

You probably would agree with me that just a basic coaching session without any specialized or “rare” knowledge goes for about 100$/hour. Ouch…

If we would take that and really count it out we would get some high numbers adding up that is really expensive and not really effective for many reasons. I know because I’ve done it…

Let’s say you invite me for a coffee and you just would like to learn the unique method I’m offering that I guarantee you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world… since all my material is original.

Here’s what I could tell you:

“Hey, just attend my live group workshop for 5 days for 2 hours a day… for 2000$”

You would have to attend every weekday for 2 hours and take notes on what I teach and if you would like to ask me questions of course you can do that, but only once! After each workshop session…”

Doesn’t sound that compelling does it?

What if instead offering you my live workshop I could give you the exact training process you would need to follow in your own convenience…

A training broken up into individual pieces walking you through all the different steps you must take to build up your practice the right way.

Being able to even look back the material in form of pre-prepared video’s, with the diagrams already drawn explaining it in a condensed carefully crafted package, giving you the exact process as clearly as possible.

Refining the ideas so you can get everything I’ve learned through the years in just minutes.

Not only that, but even adding extra training material and access to further products without additional cost…

You will find that just the ability to look back and review the material as often as you would like at your own pace would not only be enormously comfortable, but make it a lot more valuable than any traditional “Live workshop” I could ever provide…

Not to mention the ability to message me personally for any questions that might come up for you personally.

I wanted to find another way to serve more people at a larger scale, not only to expand my influence but also in order to make it better for a couple of reasons…

First of all whatever you learn in a training session will take time to not only implement, but to think it through deeply, experience it and take it to the next level of experience.

Usually questions arise throughout the process which you can’t ask because the “workshop” or “coaching” whether personalized or not is simply already over. There’s no chance for follow up without another “session”.

Besides that… it takes time until you get to the right questions.

That would either need a constant training process which would have to occur with constant coaching (TOO EXPENSIVE) or you would have to wait with your questions till the next time you get the chance to enroll into a training… (NOT EFFECTIVE).

So what’s the alternative…

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