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I’ll Bet You Found Your Way Here Because…

  • You spend hours just to create a few pins – moving things around… Trying to figure out how to make them look right. It’s painful, right?!
  • Your pins are ALL over the place because you’re always looking for the perfect font or color. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and crossing your fingers that just ONE noodle will stick.
  • You’ve got a case of pin design envy – why can’t your pins look as good as sleek everybody else’s beautiful pins showing up in the feed?
  • You’re frustrated with the lack of engagement on your content, and you wonder if your pin images just might be to blame.

Or maybe you’re looking to make some easy money online as a Pin Designer, Pinterest Manager or Service Provider.

Here’s a Peek at What’s Included:

The Pin Design Accelerator

Jumpstart your pin design journey in this one-hour training jam-packed with pin design best practices. You’ll Learn:

📌 Key elements of effective pin images and design basics
📌 Choosing the best imagery and stock photos, plus sleek ways to incorporate your text headline
📌 Tips for creating ultra-catchy headlines
📌 How to get your viewers to CLICK

Branding Basics for Pinterest

No matter where you are marketing yourself in the online space, staying consistent with your brand is a MUST!

📌 Branding + Pinterest Overview
📌 Collecting and Organizing Your Pin Design Assets
📌 40+ Perfectly Pinnable Canva Font Combinations
📌 Simple Color Hacks
📌 Stock Photo Tips + Tutorials
📌 Pinterest Account Branding Checklist
📌 Board Cover Templates + Set Up Tutorial

Kristin’s Signature Pin Design Process

Unlock a whole new world of pin design when you learn how to create pins from complete scratch!

📌 How to plan your layouts
📌 Dynamic backgrounds
📌 Creating stand-out text headlines
📌 Getting Your Viewers to CLICK
📌 Common pin design mistakes to avoid
📌 Designer-level Canva design techniques
📌 Advanced pin design techniques (collage, listicle, mockups, TpT products and more!)

Pin Template Library

Get access to my stash of over 200 designer-level pin templates when you need some inspo or don’t want to start from scratch

📌 Standard pin templates (w/ and w/o stock photos)
📌 Lead magnet + digital product pin templates
📌 Listicle pin templates
📌 Collage pin templates
📌 Gift guide pin templates
📌 TpT pin templates
📌 Physical product pin templates

Think Like a Designer: Pin Design Makeovers

If you’ve ever wished you could get into the head of a graphic designer and learn the whys and the hows of making important design decisions, you’re going to love this module…

Watch over my shoulder as I make over 10 ugly Pinterest pins and turn them into beautiful Pinterest eye candy!

Time Savers, Swipes + Resources

Lots of extra goodies and bite-sized training that are too good not to include, but certainly can’t be left out! The cherry on top.

📌 Types of content to design pins for
📌 How to speed edit pin templates
📌 5 go-to layouts that work every time
📌 Interactive Catchy Headline Generator
📌 Copy and paste call to action template blocks
📌 Canva keyboard shortcuts
📌 How to create a stock photo stash for speedy design
📌 Best of Canva: pin design elements
📌 Fresh pins: how to create them SUPER QUICK

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