Kenrick Cleveland - Conquering Confidence

Kenrick Cleveland – The Power Ark – Conquering Confidence – Your Path to an Unstoppable Life


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Your Path to an Unstoppable Life

Week 1: The Stories Holding You Back

How stories form beliefs

Why certain beliefs get locked in and others don’t

The relationship between our expectations and our beliefs

Outgrow limiting beliefs that hold you back from excelling

Unrealistic Expectations vs. Baseball

Week 2: Programming Yourself to Succeed

Building Success Anchors

Stories of Success

Affirmation of Success

Process Leads to Success

Planting the Seeds of Success

Week 3: Mindset Detox

N.O.P.E. – No Other Peoples’ Expectations

Your Definitions of Success

Week 4: The Fear Destroyer

Interrupting Your Own Patterns

Changing the Evidence of Success and Failure

How to tell if the problem is ‘It’ or ‘You’

Take the advantageous position in any situation

Week 5: Mirror Mirror

Seeing Yourself as a Success

Aligning the Internal and External You

Unlock Your Vocal Power

Week 6: Becoming Unstoppable

Neuro-Plasticity: The Research About the Changing Brain

The Power of Intention

Building Wins

Celebrating Wins

Choosing Your Directions

How to Keep the Momentum Going with Self Motivation

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