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Now, I don’t have a large list! It’s chump change compared to Mike’s – only 13,000 names.

If you follow Mike’s simple list-building model, you could quite possibly grow a list that’s more than big enough to start profiting almost immediately.

That’s because there are so many ways to potentially make money from your list…

For example, you could send other people’s offers to your list. (This typically generates between $20,000 and $45,000 every time I do it.)

You could sell physical products (I routinely made $17k-$20k for each email I sent to my anti-aging list.)

You could sell digital courses. (These routinely rack up tens of thousands of dollars for me in a single week.)

You could sell coaching programs, either 1-on-1 or group coaching. (I’ve sold $1.5 million dollars worth of coaching programs to my list.)

The Life-Changing Money-Making Power of Emails

When I thought about what a game-changer a list and email marketing has been for me, for Mike, and for so many others I’ve worked with over the years…
I knew I had to do something really special. I wanted as many people as possible to discover the best ways to build and monetize a list… to generate extra income for themselves… and to live the life they want.
Because frankly, the more people who are successful at list-building and email marketing, the more “people with money” ALL of us have to sell our products to. Truly, in this case, a rising tide lifts all boats!
That’s why I decided that simply doing another webinar, course, or training on list-building or email marketing wouldn’t be enough.
I needed to do something bigger and better!
So, I decided to invite the smartest list builders and email marketers I knew to a private live event and pry their secrets out of them. (Heck, I wanted to learn, too!)
I wanted this to be big, comprehensive, in-depth. Because I don’t think anyone should spend their life slaving over bullshit in a cubicle — or coffee shop — working hard on something that doesn’t satisfy them monetarily or otherwise.
And I believe that everyone should know how to not only build but get the maximum amount of dollars out of a list.
So I put together an exclusive two-day event in Austin and called it, simply and obviously), the Email Experts Event. 
And I invited all the O.G.s of list-building and email marketing to attend and share their bootstrapped, in-the-trenches, learned-the-hard-way-so-you-don’t-have-to wisdom.

Every single one of these experts either grow or manage money-making email lists that enable them to live the kind of life they’ve always wanted.

And I bet you can guess who my first invitation went out to. Yup, Mike Geary himself.

Because more than anyone else, Mike has had a massive, massive impact on how I approach email, how I approach list building, and most importantly how I approach living my life on my own terms.

True confession: I’ve been begging Mike for nearly 4 years to let me do an in-depth interview with him about exactly how he built and grew such a massive list so quickly and created his dream life.

But Mike almost always politely declines. He rarely speaks at events. Because he’s kind of a hermit. And just loves his life in Utah so much.

So when Mike finally said yes and agreed to leave five inches of fresh powder and fly to Austin…

I knew my Email Experts Event was going to be on a whole different level than anything I’ve ever done before.

And Mike did not disappoint. He delivered the goods, sharing insider knowledge only someone with 40 separate email lists, millions of emails sent, and an engineer’s mind for data could know.

Mike and I talked for nearly three hours and the room was riveted. Virtually no one hit the head, checked their emails, or was texting or tweeting or posting.

The only sound was the scratch of pens trying madly to keep up and a few keyboarders.

And Mike was just one of the half-dozen expert speakers at the event. The entire two days were packed with exceptional value.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s just some of the feedback I received after the event…

It’s all part of my brand new Email Experts Deluxe Edition

In the Email Experts Deluxe Edition, you get all the videos for all the expert presentations, every minute of the two-day event, all the PDFs, the handouts, the money-making email templates, the proven income-generating formulas, all of it.
As well as a ton of other bonuses I’ll tell you about in just a minute that I’m adding to make this Deluxe Edition the only instruction you’ll ever need on how to build and monetize a money-making list.
In this Deluxe Edition, you get a detailed breakdown of what anyone who dreams of getting results like Mike’s MUST know about his approach to building and profiting from lists…
Plus even more advanced stuff that the pro marketers in the room scarfed down like a New York slice.
Just look at some of the genius-level hacks Mike dished out at the Email Experts Event…
  • How to add 6,000 leads to an existing email list every single day WITHOUT creating an offer
  • How to Mike 4X’d his profits in just two hours a day — without spending hours creating content… posting on social media… shooting videos… or writing long form sales letters
  • ​The lead magnets that work best to attract “people with money” (and which ones completely bomb)
  • ​Mike’s top-performing “soft sell” email template. Generates more money than the best “hard pitch” sales emails in almost every split test. Best of all, emails based on this template are super-short and easy to write
  • ​How to dramatically increase profits from every name that gets added to the list. The secret is this clever redirect
  • ​The ONE email that nearly always outperforms all others. Mike breaks it down for you step-by-step
  • ​The key to getting Mike Geary himself to consider promoting YOUR offer. Like a winning lottery ticket for your email list!!
  • ​Subject lines that are getting the most clicks, opens, and sales from the man who sends millions of emails every week)
  • ​Mike’s brilliant “cross-niche” strategy for successfully promoting offers from OTHER niches. Dramatically increases the amount of money a list can generate

Whether you’re just getting started or already have a list you’ve been monetizing… studying and implementing just five minutes worth of the stealth tactics Mike covered could double, triple or even quadruple your profits.

At the event, everyone was frantically scribbling down notes (me included!), asking questions, and experiencing so many ‘ah-ha’ moments I lost count.

I practically had to stop guys from bolting just so they could get home and start building and profiting from their lists immediately.

And when you see how easy it is to implement Mike’s list-building strategy, you’ll understand why.

Getting Started Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In addition to my in-depth interview with Mike, I went behind the scenes in the Deluxe Edition and reveal…

Here’s what I covered:

  • The simplest way to get your first 100 email subscribers in less than 30 days
  • The 12 most profitable niches to start with (and 3 you should avoid at all costs)
  • How to start an email list and turn it into fast profits (even if you’re not an expert and nobody knows who you are)
  • The #1 traffic source that puts “people with money” onto your email list (and how to get them there) Unbeatable when it comes to accumulating high-value leads.
  • ​The 7 magic words that will have people begging you to add them to your list
  • ​3 super-simple copy-and-paste emails that almost always make the cash register ring…
  • ​The most profitable offers to send to your list. Why waste your time with anything else?
  • ​And much, much, more…

But Mike and I were just getting started. Check out just one of the ninja tricks Mike revealed during our interview…

No offer? No problem! Grow your list by piggybacking off other people’s offers

At my Email Experts Event, the crowd watched slack-jawed as Mike showed us how to build a list by piggybacking off other super-successful marketers.
The brilliance of this strategy is that someone else invests all the money in massive 45-minute videos, ads, products, offers, sales pages, and more.
Then you just sit back and leverage their work to grow your own list by hundreds and even thousands of names a day.
Not only that, but in many cases they will actually pay YOU to do it!
It’s beyond me why people struggle to learn how to write long, high-converting sales copy in competitive markets, spending months crafting and producing video sales letters, testing dozens of sales pages to find one that actually converts at scale…
When all you need to do is create a simple plug-and-play opt-in page. Less than 50 words. Sweet.
Then you put that page in front of what is already a great-performing offer for a product you like and respect.
And the best part is, not only do you capture the person’s email address when they opt-in, BUT…
If that person goes on to buy from that offer, you get PAID.
Plus, since it’s already one of the top-performing offers for a great product, the odds of the prospect taking the bait (and generating profits for you) are ever in your favor.
I wish I had known Mike’s list-building secrets when I was first starting out!
Instead of going through the hassle of creating my own offer, getting a merchant account, and writing a 45-minute video sales letter (VSL) script… 
I could have just piggybacked off other people’s most successful offers and built my own list with a simple optin page. 
And once you see for yourself how Mike does this, you could follow in his footsteps and do the same thing! 
Let’s say some “Smart Marketer” launches a great diabetes offer that’s killing it in the market. 
Mike simply builds a down-and-dirty opt-in page that offers a free report, something like “10 Diabetic Friendly Desserts” (heck, AI could easily write that for you) and puts it in front of the great diabetes offer. 
Instead of writing pages and pages of copy, all Mike does is build a simple opt-in page to capture the email address. I’m talking 50 words or less.
Then he sends the prospect over to the “Smart Marketer’s” landing page for the great diabetes offer.
When the prospect buys from Smart Marketer’s offer… Mike gets paid. A lot.
I’m talking anywhere from 90% to 100% of the profits from that first sale as an affiliate (yes, 100% in some cases!) 
Plus he gets to keep the name he has captured! 
Which means, Mike essentially gets a new subscriber for his list for FREE. 
Imagine getting hundreds of new subscribers for your list every day without having to lose money… 
That’s every marketer’s dream!
And this is how Mike engineered his list-building machine that adds 6,000 names to his list every day.
I couldn’t believe Mike’s willingness to reveal exactly, step-by-step, how he did it!
But Mike was far from the only superstar up on stage…
At the Email Experts Event I brought together some of the smartest people in the world when it comes to building and leveraging money-making email lists.
And you can get ALL their insider information and proven strategies too. When you grab your copy of the Email Experts Deluxe Edition you get…
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