Judith DeLozier – 3rd Generation NLP


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Judith DeLozier – 3rd Generation NLP, Identity Coaching & Statemanagment

At last!: Judith DeLozier visited Moscow to teach students the all-new 3rd Generation NLP techniques and practices. 3-day NLP 3rd Generation NLP seminar and 1-day Statemanagement seminar.

Judith is a remarkable NLP trainer, great person and very good teacher. Enjoy the latest addtions to NLP world! Must see for anyone, interested in self-development, coaching and etc.

Technical information:

Seminar Length: 4 days
Overall run time: 17 approx. hours
Files: 14 files
Video: MP4, 1280 x 720 x 25 FPS
Audio: 192kbps, stereo, 48kHz

Judith speaks English with Russian Translation in background (not disturbing for English-spoken listeneres).


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