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The Foolproof Facebook Ads Course

Packed with 60+ videos, the Foolproof Facebook Ads Course was built with you in mind. Videos are sequential, range from 3-20 minutes, and are updated regularly in our studio with pristine quality for learning.

*That way, you can quickly search for what you’re looking for without needing to scrub through a 90-minute low-quality video.

Facebook Foundations

Without a solid foundational understanding of Facebook Ads, your castle will crumble. This series breaks down the ins & outs of Facebook advertising.

 Facebook Ads vs Other Platforms
 Understanding Facebook Business Manager
 Understanding Campaign Hierarchy
 How To Avoid The Facebook Slap
 The “Labs” Of Facebook Ads
 The Optimization Schedule & Rules
 The 5 Common Ad Statuses & What To Do About Them

Golden Facebook Business Manager

Learn how to set up your Facebook Business Manager properly. Even if you already have your business manager set up, this will make sure nothing is missed!

 Creating your Facebook Business Manager
 Verifying Your Business Info
 Adding Your Facebook/Instagram Pages
 Creating Your Ad Account
 Creating Your Facebook Pixel
 Adding People To Your Business Manager
✔ Creating Business Asset Groups
+ 3 More Videos

Cash Cow Facebook Audiences

To scale your Facebook Ads, you need the right product with the right offer to the right people. In this section, you’ll learn how we find profitable audiences to target.

 The 3 Audience Temperatures
 Core, Custom, Lookalike
 Singles, Stacks, Layers
 Fishing For Cash Cow Audiences
 The Ideal Audience Size
 The Audience Research Process
+ 7 More videos

The Retargeting Labs

This powerful type of advertising will allow you to scoop up warm & hot prospective customers and usually experiences the best results. There are two core campaigns we recommend.

 Your First Retargeting Lab Campaign (2 Paths)
 Creating A Dynamic Product Ad Campaign
 Creating A General Retargeting Campaign

The Ad Lab

How to identify high-potential “Super Ads” that will allow you to acquire new customers profitably through rapid experimentation. (We call this the “Ad Lab Method”.)

 Intro To The Ad Lab Method
 Ad Lab Dashboard Walkthrough
 How To Create Test 1 (Headlines)
 How To Create Test 2 (Creatives)
 How To Create Test 3 (Primary Text)
 Using “Double Validation” For Your Tests
✔ Setting Up Your 2 Automations Rules
+ 6 More Videos

The Audience Lab

With your “Super Ads” from the Ad Lab, you’ll be able to begin driving purchases against different audiences and different campaign structures.

 The Audience Lab Overview
 Determining Your First Audiences
 Setting Your Audience Lab Budgets
 Launching Your Audience Labs
 The 3-7 Optimization Process
 When To Move To The Scale Lab
+ 3 More Videos

The Optimization Workflow

These are different workflows we’ll use to optimize different types of Facebook Campaigns, as well as benchmarks we look for.

 The 60-Minute Optimization Flow
 The Facebook Bottleneck Finder
 The Optimization Log (Doc)
 The Facebook Bottleneck Finder (Doc)

The Scale Lab

This is how we take validated assets (Ads/Audiences) and begin to pour on the gasoline that helps us spend hundreds of thousands or millions per year.

 The Scale Lab Overview
 Scaling With Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns
 Scaling With Budget Bump Campaigns
 The “CPM Crusher” Campaign

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