Josh Braun – The Badass B2B Growth Guide

Josh Braun – The Badass B2B Growth Guide


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Course Curriculum

The Foundation

Play F0: The #1 Rule of Selling
Play F1: Know Your Market
Play F2: Having a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Play F3: Don’t Be a Debbie Downer
Play F4: How to Elegantly Explain What You Do
Play F5: Ditch the Pitch
Play F6: Starting Conversations with Strangers
Play F7: Don’t Exceed Your Prospect’s Speed Limit
Play F8: Solutions Disguised as Problems
Play F9: How to Explain What You Do in a Cold Email in One Sentence
Play F10: How to Start Conversations with People Who Aren’t Buying
Play F11: Deposits & Withdrawals
Play F12: Why Prospects Are Guarded Around Salespeople (And What to do About it)
Play F13: Detaching from the Outcome (Video)
Play F14: How to Sell More “Hamburgers”
Play F15: Twist the Knife
Play F16: Stay Away From This Phrase
Play 17 – A Surfer’s Mind

Know Your Prospect’s Jobs-to-be-Done

Play PM1: Your Market’s Motivations
Play PM2: Fireballs vs. Flowers
Play PM3: How to Become An Insider
Play PM4: How to Get Your Prospect’s Secret Buying Language using Jobs-to-Be Done
Play PM5: Jobs to Be Done Interview Guide
Play PM6: Example of a Jobs-to-Be-Done Interview
Play PM7: The Lingo Library
Play PM8: How to Be More Interesting to Prospects
Play PM9: How to Stay Top of Mind When Prospects Aren’t Motivated Right Now?
Play PM10: How to Get the CFOs to Buy In

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