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Meet Your CFO Guy

Hi! I am a fractional CFO for 40+ startups, and love all things Finance & Accounting. My favorite part of my job involves building sophisticated forecasts for companies to help them understand their business better

The best CEOs I work with want quick insight into what matters most

This allows them to act fast in making vital decisions

Learning how to provide this data in a visually compelling way has been one of the biggest game-changers in my career.

Presenting the data is not enough – without proper design, important data points can get overlooked and messages can get confused or lost entirely.

By creating engaging and effective financial dashboards, you’ll add tremendous value to CEOs, the executive team, board of directors, and other key stakeholders.

Create dashboards your stakeholders need

Enhanced visualization

Efficient financial analysis

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking

Real-time monitoring

Budget-to-actuals comparison

Customizable reports

Course curriculum

  1. Intro & Getting Started
  2. Organizing Your Data
  3. Creating Summarized Financials Report
  4. Creating Dashboards

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