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Welcome to Fat Stacks Training

My courses help people plan, launch and build successful niche websites and blogs.

I own 9 niche websites with total monthly revenue over $40,000 USD per month.

I’m in the trenches building out real websites daily.

My training doesn’t offer generic training that you can find for free.

Instead, my training reveals little-known strategies only someone who actually does this stuff for a living knows. In fact, my training reveals tips and strategies that take your traffic and earnings to the next level. We all know the basics. I’m not interested in showing you things you can find out for free.

I’m interested in revealing to you strategies I discover and use as a result of constantly improving my own niche sites’ performance.

Featured Programs & Courses

Long Tail Deep Dive: Ultimate Guide to Long Tail Keyword Research

Discover my 8 methods for finding thousands of low competition keywords in any niche that can potentially rank high up in Google without any link building…

I love SEO traffic but I don’t love SEO in the traditional sense.

For many people, SEO is synonymous with “link building”. I don’t like link building. It’s risky, expensive, time-consuming and for me not very fun.

I’m a content publisher. That’s what I love, but I can’t earn a living doing something just because it’s fun. It also has to work… as in get traffic.

That’s where long tail keyword research comes in to play.

For years I believed you had to build links in order to rank keywords and get traffic from Google.

What I discovered was that while links definitely work, my sites ranked for a lot of keywords in articles that had no inbound links. They just happened to rank by themselves. Talk about an eye-opener and game-changer for my publishing business.

That’s when I decided I would focus on finding more keywords that I could rank for without having to build links.

The key was and is finding low competition keywords with some search volume relevant to my niche.

I started spending hours, then days and ultimately weeks doing keyword research. Over time I developed systematic keyword research methods I could use to uncover dozens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords in any niche.

To this day my list of articles to be published grows faster than I can get them written and that’s because I’ve come up with 8 proven methods to uncover thousands of low competition keywords for my niche sites (I’m in several niches).

This course (Long Tail Deep Dive) sets out all 8 methods via video tutorials. My videos step you through every detail to uncover a seemingly unlimited cache of low competition keywords for your niche.

I do this stuff for a living.

Residual Display Ad Profits

It’s been a few years since I’ve been this excited about a new monetization (and traffic) strategy for blogs and niche sites.

It’s been 6 weeks and I’m on par to earning $300 to $500 per month.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I expect revenue to increase by that amount every single month.


It’s the power of residual revenue… from display ads.

I’m not kidding.

My niche sites and blogs now earn money after visitors leave.

And no, this has NOTHING to do with email marketing.

Better yet, it happens automatically. I don’t do anything.

But, you do need some traffic to your site for this to work. The more traffic, the better (just like regular ads).

Is there a cost associated with using the methods taught?

No. There is no cost. You don’t need to spend a nickel.

Grab this special report to get all the details.

FYI, this special report is very short.

It teaches one very simple method on how you can earn residual revenue from your niche site(s) or blog(s). There are no video tutorials either (they aren’t necessary). This is a simple 2 page document that reveals what I believe to be a very good earning and traffic opportunity for your sites.

Niche Exponential: Ultimate Guide to Large Recurring Affiliate Commissions from Smallish Sites

Discover this almost set-it and forget-it passive income niche site model that I’ve been running on almost autopilot for 7 years!

You can use this model on a stand-alone site or deploy it on an existing niche site (very powerful)!

I love huge, never-ending content sites but I also own a brilliant content site that I’ve enjoyed an almost pure passive income stream from for 7 years. This little content site has generated approximately $300,000 in profit over the last 7 years.

It did take effort and time to build it, but once built it’s been a consistent revenue stream with very little oversight on my part.

Fat Stacks Natural Link Building Formula

Discover how I’ve attracted 5,000+ inbound links on auto pilot from real sites with loads of traffic to my niche sites NATURALLY and continue doing so to the tune of dozens per day.

This course reveals how to attract real links from real sites on autopilot… no tedious outreach or guest posting or paying for links!

This is white hat SEO that costs me nothing and that Google rewards with rankings and traffic (over 1 million monthly visitors across my niche sites).

Fat Stacks Display Ads Deep Dive

This is your chance to learn everything I know about using display ads on niche sites to earn OVER $40,000 per month from display ads!

This detailed course includes a detailed website layout graphic setting out exactly where I put each type of ad from each network in my content (you also see exactly how I structure my content).

I’ve earned my living from display ads on niche sites for 5 years. By display ads I’m talking about AdSense ads plus a variety of other types of ads (I reveal every ad network I use).

I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours testing many ad networks, types of ads and ad configurations in order to maximize revenue on many different niche sites and blogs.

This display ads deep dive course reveals everything I know and do in order to earn over $40,000 per month from display ads.


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