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PLF + Meet You Where You’re At

First… the training: I’ve broken up the training into individual modules where I walk you through all the steps to create and sequence your launch. There are eight modules in total. It’s set up so we release a module every Monday… and we go through one module each week… and if you have scheduling issues or miss a week, you can always work at your own pace.

And… if you’re someone who likes to go fast and you’re ready to charge ahead, you can also move through the program faster – each time you complete a module, you can move on to the next one.

The course is designed to meet you where you’re at and get you moving forward as fast as humanly possible.

Now if you’re just starting out… you can be moving forward and getting results before you even finish the course… and then you can come back later for some of the super-advanced stuff when you’re ready for it.

And after the program is over, you still have access to the training… so you’ll be able to go back over the material whenever you want… because you’ll have access to the program for a full year. That means you can go through the training as often as you like… at your own convenience.

You’ll Know ALL the Launches

The three primary launches (the Seed Launch, Internal Launch, and JV Launch) will be your bread-and-butter promotions that will grow your business.

But you’ll also have some other launch styles in your business-building quiver…

The Quick Launch is perfect for those times when you don’t want to put together a full launch, but you need to bring in a quick surge of sales in a few days.

And then there’s the Evergreen Launch – this is where you create a system that gives you the awesome power of PLF all year round. As new people come onto your list, they get their own launch… and you continue to make sales throughout the year.

And when you’re ready to go “next level”… the Sparta Launch® is super low-effort and high-return. These are email-based launches that are all about selling very high-priced, small-group workshops or retreats. Sparta Launches are some of the simplest launches – and they’re generally done 100% via email.

And then there are Book Launches – and if you’re an author, then this one is all about how to launch your book. And trust me, if you don’t use a launch for your book… you’re not going to sell many copies.

And that’s just some of what you’ll master in PLF… I’ve only just scratched the surface here. Inside PLF I’ll show you all nine types of launches – and when to use each of them.

It’s Not Just Training… It’s Copy-and-Paste

Here’s the bottom line: we’re going to cover everything you need to know to get launched, and you’re going to come out the other end with a complete launch.

In other words, you’ll have your entire sequence, from the start of Pre-Prelaunch all the way to your Post-Launch follow-up… including the emails you’ll send, the Prelaunch Content you’ll release, the timing – everything.

But that’s not enough. I want to take you beyond just a plan… and right into action.

So you get all the “Done for You” of… which is absolutely crazy amazing.

Even better… you also get my massive collection of sample copy, that you’re free to model in your launch.

I’m talking about dozens of pieces of email copy, blog copy, videos, and sales letters from real-world launches… both from me and from my students.

This is launch-tested material – it’s proven, it works… and it’s available for you to model and re-purpose.

The bottom line is that you’re going to get an amazing amount of tested material that you can use in your launch.

An ENTIRE YEAR of Coaching Calls!

And then comes the part that takes PLF to an entirely different level… and that’s our Live Coaching Calls. These are Deep Dive calls where my expert coaches get on a call with you and the other PLF Owners… and answer your questions and walk you through the steps.

You’ll get these calls every other week… FOR A FULL YEAR.

This is where you get your strategy nailed. It’s where we keep you from getting stuck. And frankly, this is where we’re at our best – live, unscripted – and answering everything from newbie questions to ultra-advanced stuff.

Again: we’ve been doing this since 2005. We know our stuff. My coaches are experts. We can handle being unscripted and answering whatever you throw our way.

These calls are AWESOME… we have a lot of fun, and we get an amazing amount done on them…

And if you can’t make the calls live… they’re all recorded and available whenever you want them. And we cover so much on these calls that you’re going to want to go back and listen to them again.

What If I Don’t Have a List?

So by now you’re probably thinking that this sounds pretty cool… but we’re just getting started…

I thought about how I could make this offer even better. And I came up with a list of powerful bonuses that will make PLF completely irresistible.

The first bonus is all about your list – about building a list of people who are hungry to buy from you. You’ll get my entire Launching Your List™ course. This course shows you how to build a list… from scratch… and then build your relationship with the people on that list.

And make no mistake – once you build it, the value of your list is literally impossible to calculate – it keeps on making money for you week after week. It might sound cheesy… but having a list is almost like having a license to print money.

This Launching Your List course is worth $997… and you’ll get this entire course for free when you first log into the PLF portal.

One more thing about your list: is your new best friend in list building… it’s built to work hand-in-hand with Launching Your List… it will help you with your lead magnet, your opt-in landing page, and your email nurture sequence. Those are some of the biggest things that hold people back in building their list – and you’re just minutes away from solving this with Launchy.

What If I Don’t Have A Product?

Your second over-the-top bonus is my Product Creation Code course.

If you don’t have a product yet… this course will teach you how to get one – FAST. Creating knowledge products is easy… and it’s basically free. You almost surely ALREADY have all the tools you need… right on your computer or even your phone.

CRITICAL: having your own product puts you in charge of your business and your results. When you have your own product to offer to your prospects, then you’ve got control of your destiny.

The Product Creation Code course will take the mystery out of creating products… from your first simple product all the way up to high-priced online courses, membership sites, and even live seminars and workshops.

And here’s another spot where you’ll lean on Launchy. It’s almost like having an expert consultant that will generate ideas for products, product names, product outlines, and module outlines. In other words, it eliminates some of the biggest hurdles in getting your product done.

If You Wonder About The Tech Stuff…

Your third bonus is the Tech Stack Quick Start… and this is my team showing you how to get set up with the right technology for your launch. If you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “tech question”… we’ve got you taken care of with this bonus.

And when you combine that with our Low Tech Launch Guide… then we’ve really got you covered. This is the deal – I recently tested a new almost-zero-tech style of launch. We planned and executed the launch in a matter of a few days… which meant we did it in a super “Low Tech” fashion. And it worked… like crazy. If you have any worries about “the tech stuff” in your launch, this style of launch is your new best friend, and this bonus will show you exactly how to do it. This bonus will show you one of your fastest paths to launch…

Already Have a Business?

So what if you’ve already got an online business… where does a launch fit in?

If this is you (whether your business is thriving or struggling), then PLF is the closest thing to money-in-the-bank that you’ll find.

This is what I mean… you just need to take your current product or offer and relaunch it. To do that, you’ll need to create some type of special offer – the easiest way to do this is by creating an extra bonus or two. Or bundle together a couple of products. Then follow the Sideways Sales Letter® and create an Internal Launch for your list… and you’ll likely have one of the best weeks ever in your business.

And that would be amazing… but it just scratches the surface of what you can do with PLF.

Because every business needs to be launching on the regular. Just think what one or two launches a year – and the big revenue surges – could mean for your bottom line.

And finally… I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Seed Launch®. Some people make the mistake of thinking this is a strategy for newbies. But really it’s the easiest way to create a proven offer and get paid before you do the work. If you’ve ever struggled with product creation, the Seed Launch is the answer.

From 1-on-1 to a Leveraged Income

Or maybe this is you… you’re a coach or some type of practitioner. You’ve honed your craft, helped your clients and transformed their lives, and witnessed countless breakthroughs in your one-on-one sessions.

But there’s a ceiling. There are only so many hours in a day, and let’s face it: every practitioner reaches a point where they can’t see more clients without sacrificing quality – or sanity.

Enter Product Launch Formula… the perfect marketing to build your income and impact.

With the Seed Launch, you don’t need a fully fleshed-out product or a vast email list. Start with your current client base, get paid upfront, and co-create a product they genuinely need. It’s about leveraging what you already have and turning it into something far more scalable.

And here’s the thing… I know that marketing might not be your jam. I get it. The world of marketing can seem daunting, even a little sleazy. But with PLF, you have a strategy that lets you:

  • Deliver tremendous value every step of the way.
  • Create relationships built on trust and respect.
  • Convert leads into loyal clients without feeling like a pushy salesman.

You can see this in the case studies… be sure to check out the ones with Zach Tolan, Linda Fitch, Jo and Derek Clark, and Vanessa Marin.

Influencers: Finally Own Your Future

If you’re an influencer… you’ve worked hard to build your brand, your audience, and your identity. Every post, every video, every engagement has been a brick in building your following.

Yet that carefully built audience rests on shaky ground – one change to the algorithms and your income can be gone overnight. And we don’t even want to think about all the crazy ways (legitimate or otherwise) people have fallen victim to cancel culture.

Now imagine launching an online course, workshop, or membership site, where your followers don’t just passively consume, but actively engage, co-create, and evolve with you. This isn’t about selling to your followers; it’s about deepening the relationship and adding more value. And it’s about creating income and security for your business.

Of course, no one wants to be ‘that’ influencer – pushing products, sounding salesy, or risking the trust you’ve cultivated. And with PLF, you don’t have to. Instead, you build value, and with the Seed Launch, you collaborate with your audience to create offers that resonate and enhance your bond.

No Starving Artists (or Authors) Here…

When I first released Product Launch Formula, I never thought about artists and authors using the formula…

But that’s exactly what happened. I’ve had countless authors use PLF to launch their books – enough so that I created a complete bonus section on Book Launches. The reality is if you aren’t marketing your book, no one is… and a launch is the best way to get that initial group of readers who are going to review your book, and spread the word.

As far as artists – we’ve had artists of almost every type imaginable. And they’ve used PLF both to sell their artwork, as well as selling courses and memberships on how to make art. One of my favorite case studies is with the late Mary Gilkerson, who used PLF to sell out entire collections of her high-end paintings. You should also check out the case studies with Nicholas Wilton, Sabrina Harrison, Emily Jeffords, and Matt Tommey.

Helping Others Launch…

One of the fastest paths into this business is by helping others launch THEIR offers.

This is something that I did in my early years, and it can be extremely rewarding, and a true shortcut. You could do this as a Launch Manager, a Launch Consultant, or even a full business partner.

If you’re helping others launch, your return on investment from just Launchy alone is going to be amazing. This is truly an “easy button”.

And if this is the path you’re on, you’ll definitely want to dive into the Launch Partnership bonus course that you get as part of PLF. This training will be a cornerstone of your success… because there are some non-obvious considerations in how you structure these deals. You have to get these details right if you want to get great results (and avoid disasters). And be sure to check out the case study with Max Guidi for an example on how this can work in a big way.

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