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Here’s What You’ll Walk Away With:

Day 1: Growth

How to Scale Your Youtube Channel to Over 100,000+ subscribers fast… even if you’re starting from zero.

On day 1, we’ll dive into cutting-edge YouTube growth secrets that you won’t find anywhere else (trust me, I checked). We’ll cover:

THE TRIPLE C METHODOLOGY: How to generate 6 months of high-performing content ideas… that work in any niche, for any level of expertise. I’ve used this to personally generate over 55 million views on my own channel.*

*This alone is what I normally charge $9,000 for

‍THE EXTRAPOLATION FRAMEWORK: How to create ideas that ooze with originality so you can stand out in any niche.

YOUTUBE VIDEO ANATOMY 101: Understand the crucial components of a viral YouTube video (that most people overlook) so you can crush your content repeatedly and reliably… minimizing the waste of time, money and flops.

‍THE ‘ASK’ METHOD MY CLIENTS HAVE USED TO 4.7X THEIR YOUTUBE GROWTH: How to convert viewers to subscribers and life-long customers in 30 seconds. This tiny piece alone is worth the cost of this workshop and is massively underutilized.

Day 2: Monetize

How to turn YouTube into an evergreen Revenue Generating Machine making $1 per subscriber per month from day 1 of posting.

On day 2, you’ll learn the monetization methods we use to make $1 per subscriber per month and how to start monetizing from day 1. You learn the strategy of how one channel made $8k with 128 subscribers and you’ll see a full detailed of how a 23-year-old makes over $10 million a year from a views/revenue flywheel.

THE SIMPLE VIEWS-TO-REVENUE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN get PAID to grow your account (from day 1). The type of offers that work on YouTube and how to sell them to grow profitably.

‍THE OPTIMUM YOUTUBE OFFER: How to create offers that are YouTube specific, that build your reputation, revenue and relationship with audience and are easy to create.

‍OLD VS NEW: The old method of monetizing on YouTube is dead. We show you the new way that generates cash from day one and puts growth on autopilot with the 1% rule and Views that Convert Framework

‍THE 5 CASH BLOCKERS: The 5 main mistakes people make selling on YouTube and how to avoid them. We’ll break down the mistakes on some of the biggest creators on the platform and what we can learn from them (this makes or breaks channels)

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