ICanStudy – Justin Sung – Learning Coach, Ex-Medical Doctor, Top 1% TEDx Speaker


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Learn the techniques step-by-step

Learning isn’t just about IQ and effort. Train to use the methods of the world’s top learners. We make it achievable with our step-by-step training program.

Diagnose your current system

Kick off with a deep assessment of your current system. Map your strengths and weaknesses across 4 dimensions (deep processing, active learning, retrieval, mindset).

Rapidly fill your learning toolkit

Start with a bang with a full suite of high-yield techniques. Equip yourself with every fundamental technique you need to become a more effective learner.

Take down procrastination

You can’t learn new skills if you never practice! In the earliest lessons, we teach you a hand-picked set of easy methods to manage your time and reduce procrastination.

Improve your motivation

Who loves doing something they don’t like? Learn how certain ways of practising, goal-setting and learning affect motivation and enjoyment.

Fine-tune your techniques

Take your learning to new heights. Learn how you can boost retention and depth of knowledge using principles of cognitive architecture.

Learn more from every mistake

Getting better means making mistakes. Our version of the famous Kolb’s experiential cycle puts your rate of improvement into hyperdrive.

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