Hypnotic Copywriting

Hypnotic Copywriting


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Session Descriptions

Hypnotic Language Generator

Turn your fingers into a tool of mass mind control and write words that generate action all over the planet.

Drop people into a deep trance with only your written words and write yourself a fortune.

Create sales pages so compelling people won’t get able to click the buy button fast enough.

Become a master of language, a shaper of thought, a driver of action using only your brain and your words.

Scarcity Generator

Easily generate the most repeatable buying trigger that has ever existed.

Create massive and unconscious desire to buy no matter what product you are selling.

Move people to action, get people to buy, and make them grateful for the opportunity to buy.

With enough scarcity, you can sell shiny blocks of metal for hundreds of dollars a piece.

Learn to create this instinctive compulsion at will.


Make words come alive and create wonderful images and thoughts in your readers.

Send your readers on an epic journey all the way your slippery slope sales pages to the big fat buy button on the bottom.

Help them overcome the villain of buying resistance as they heroically click on the buy button and live to fight another day.

Get your readers excited enough with your words to want anything you are selling, and feel like heroes for buying your products.

Value Explosion

Build infinite value for whatever you are selling.

Take any mundane product and make it as compelling as a glass of ice water in the desert.

Create such massive buying desire that everybody feels like that absolutely must buy this.

Generate such unstoppable buying compulsion that your products will seem like a steal for whatever price you’re asking.

Objection Obliteration

Destroy objections before they make their way into their conscious minds.

Become a reframing ninja and turn any stray doubt into a compulsion to buy.

Turn obstacles into stepping stones all the way down your slippery slope to the big fat buy button at the bottom.

Take what most salespeople dread and turn each one of them into big fat income streams, going eagerly from their wallets into your bank account.

Infinite Trust

Pace their pain, pace their fears and make them feel like they’ve known you for years.

Obliterate all hesitancy and turn any random shopper into a loyal life long customer, eager to buy whatever you are selling.

Become a beacon of hope in a world of corruption, and get them lining up to buy whatever you are selling.

The more trust you build, the more things you’ll sell. Build enough trust and never worry about money again.

Copy Income Generator

Create a near magical connection between your brain, your laptop and your bank account.

Create a six or seven figure income from wherever you can find an internet connection.

Tour the world, writing blistering sales copy from every internet cafe on the world.

Get this guide now and become a globe trotting, jet set copywriter with income streams coming from all over the world.

Over three hours of conscious training, over fifteen hours of incredibly powerful subconscious programming.

Get this guide now and turn you fingers and your brain into a relentless income generating machine.


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