Human Design and Gene Keys – Exploring the Synthesis


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Human Design and Gene Keys Exploring the Synthesis

The Gene Keys owes much to The Human Design System, which was transmitted by Ra Uru Hu between the years 1987 and 2012. Richard Rudd was a senior teacher of Human Design who brought the system to the UK and set up a school training many students. Here you can find a rich library of projects and resources by the leading lights exploring the interface between the Gene Keys and Human Design. Also here are Richard’s own books and a treasury of free articles and writings from his Human Design years.

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Human Design & the Gene Keys with Richard Rudd

Due to consistent demand, this webinar presents a unified approach to the matrix of the 64 by bringing together the Gene Keys and Human Design. Here Richard Rudd tells the story of his personal transformation through Human Design and how it in time mutated to become the Gene Keys. He also shows how both approaches are complementary although very different in essence. He goes on to answer the most common questions about working with these two approaches, giving his own unique insight and advice on how to integrate them in a seamless and inspirational way.

Finally, Richard introduces Integral Human Design, a new way of using Human Design pioneered by Werner and Laura Pitzal, who have combined it with the threefold language of the Spectrum of Consciousness and a powerful new unified approach.

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