How To Heal Deep Seeded Wounds and Be Free


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What you’ll learn

  • A simple yet effective breathing technique to facilitate healing within
  • A simple yet profound meditation to connect with your higher Self
  • How to change subconscious patterns that are no longer wanted
  • What is the “shadow” and how do we reconcile with it
  • How to really heal the deep seeded wounds and traumas that we hold in our bodies and cellular structure
  • Who you are in your highest true Essence


I teach from my life experience. I teach what I know, not from a book. Although I am a voracious reader and make reference to various books all the time, change does not come from words, change comes from experience. Within the sharing of my life story are the teachings on how to heal your life. This particular course revolves around the deep seeded wounds and traumas, conscious and unconscious, that we hold in our cellular structure and our bodies. This course is an emotional journey though the heart. I will be adding more physically focused healing courses as well, however this is the one – the one that most people shun away from. I get it. I too shunned away from real healing for most of my life until I was about to die from a broken heart, at the age of 26, 34, 39, 46 and my whole life actually, until I finally applied the teachings, wisdom and tools, sat with my pain and healed the wounds. This is what I offer to you, a way out of suffering. Healing happens in layers remember, beloveds. It is not a one and done. It is a process, so have patience with yourself and remember “your journey is perfect.”  While I teach you the steps and process of healing I also keep reminding you of your perfection, of your grandeur, of your glory. Because the truth is, with a capital T,  You Are Already Healed and Whole on the most HIGHEST level. We are just going IN to do some light house keeping. Aho. Blessings of the most HIGH to you and your precious heart.

Who this course is for:

  • This course if for everyone whether you are new to the spiritual journey or have been at it for years. There is no end to our becoming and healing happens in layers- it is a process. But if you are ready to be free from the shackles that bind you, which are our own unhealed “shadow” then I invite you to journey with me.

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