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COPY, PASTE, and LAUNCH Your Way To More AGENCY CLIENTS! No more cold calling, spamming dm’s or running ads needed

46 Proven & Tested Subject Line Templates

✅43 Edit, Plug & Play Email Templates that work

✅Free and Paid Prospecting methods to build your list of ideal and qualified prospects

✅How to achieve an open rate of 60% Plus

✅How to stay compliant – GDPR & SPAM Act

✅How to improve Email delivery – Land more inboxes

✅How to craft the PERFECT Cold Email (FRAMEWORK)

✅How to handle “Price & Proposal” requests

✅Step By Step Over the Shoulder Implementation Videos


​✅BONUS#1 – How to Pick a NICHE (Over 2000 niches to pick from)

✅BONUS #2 – Launch & Optimization Checklist & Troubleshooting

✅BONUS #3 – Bonus Outreach Strategies

Cold Email Outreach Domination” is NOT…

some method overview that won’t get you results because you need to “upgrade” or “book a call”!

some copy & paste template BS that you don’t know how to use or get results from!

some cheap slapdash 50-minute masterclass telling you how it all works – leaving you with more questions than answers

some email spamming method where you blast out 100’s or 1000’s of emails a day

for spammers or someone wanting to blast out spam emails


What if filling up your calendar with meetings was as easy as…

Following an exact step-by-step proven blueprint without the overwhelm, mistakes, and 100’s of hours of trying to figuring it out for yourself?

Just follow along, tweak, launch, and …..VOILA!

That is what “Cold Email Outreach Domination” is!

It’s a Complete Blueprint for aspiring, new, and struggling agency owners or freelancers that are struggling to book meetings or want to book more meetings and want to see actual results using cold email outreach….

Start Generating Agency clients for your business TODAY!

Stop Building Your Agency the Wrong Way! How I went from…From 0 To 9 Agency Clients In 90 DAYS … without Cold Calling, DM’s, or Running Ads

My main reason for starting my agency back in 2019 was to quit my Job as a chef!

I was tired of working ridiculous hours, not having weekends, and trading my time for money (not a lot of it)

I wanted to Live life on my own terms.

But it felt impossible…

The dream felt out of reach.

I was overwhelmed and searching for answers everywhere

Looking for that magic solution and I tried it all…

❌Multiple courses – Didn’t work!

❌ DM’s- Didn’t work!

❌Loom Videos – Didn’t work!

❌Cold Emails – Didn’t work! (because I did wrong)

❌ Even running ads- Didn’t work!

Nothing worked!

What’s wrong? Where’s the problem?” I asked myself

I needed to find a method that is reliable, gets results, and can run on autopilot

I then shifted my FOCUS to only one method – COLD EMAIL OUTREACH

Want to Dominate Cold Email Outreach? Here are the all The PARTS YOU NEED:


Let’s be honest.

The simplest things in life can be very difficult if you have no experience and don’t know what to do

Without a clear step by step roadmap that you can follow along with a lot can go wrong


You will get lifetime access to every single step involved and all the resources!

Every step along the way is broken down into easy to follow and implement videos and every video will have its relevant links and resources attached for easy and immediate implementation as you go along

All over the shoulder video will take you from the beginning to the end to ensure your success

With lifetime access you can always replay and pause at your own pace over and over again…

Every single part of the strategy is covered in detail


Finding your ideal client and qualifying them properly can take a lot of time, but it doesn’t need to be

Also where do you find prospects, names, emails, etc, and what to say in the emails?

Then once you find the ideal client to reach out you need to find the correct details to craft the perfect email

This is why this part is soooo important

I will share both Free and paid methods when it comes to finding not only your ideal prospect but also all the relevant details you need to craft your perfect email

I will also share what to look for when it comes to getting details and where to easily find them


Selling to the deadly cold audience (people who have never heard of you before) with cold email is hard plus not looking or sounding SPAMMY…

So many business owners get bombarded by spammers and crappy emails on a daily basis


When it comes to crafting the perfect cold email its all about being unique and standing out from the noise

But what needs to be in your email and what to say??

I got you covered!

I will share various types of cold email frameworks so that you can quickly and easily write a cold email that gets opened and gets you more meetings and clients

Although I am also giving you templates this will help you understand what goes where and why it’s used in the emails

This will help you write your own unique cold emails in the future for any niche or service


As previously mentioned I will give you various cold email frameworks so that you can write your own unique and effective emails


Writing emails that get results are not something that everyone enjoys or want to do in the beginning when starting out


Maybe you just want some sample emails that are proven to work that you can model, copy, edit and paste?

I got you covered!

You will receive 46 proven & tested subject line templates that you can easily copy, replace with your information and test, saving you hours of writing your own subject lines.

You will also get 43 email body templates that include your first outreach emails and follow email templates that you can simply replace with your offer details and prospecting details


Using the correct software for your outreach is SUPER IMPORTANT!

YOU need software that’s not just easy to use, but also gives you flexibility when setting up a campaign (videos, links, Images, Automation)

Then it is super important for the platform to track and report on everything – That is where you know what works, what doesn’t,t and what changes need to be made…

We will cover:

The software to use and why?

In-depth software training

How to connect email accounts

How to set up campaigns

Import lists

Setup follow up emails

How to find all the stats needed

and more

Making sure that all automation works and all emails work properly is very important! Once launched it is all about testing, tweaking to find that optimal results (Sweet Spot)

Once you have everything setup everything runs on autopilot – just fill it with new leads and the rest is taken care of

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