Hamza Ahmed – Social Skills Masterclass


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What you will get by watching this class:

  1. Make new friends online
  2. Make new friends in the gym
  3. Make new friends at school
  4. Make new friends in a party
  5. Learn how to smile properly in a friendly way
  6. Learn how to actually improve your eye contact
  7. Understand what makes approaches creepy
  8. Aware of your body language
  9. Understand what the other persons body language means
  10. More confidence, especially around the opposite sex


  • What’s it Like Having A Good Group of Friends?
  • What You Will Learn
  • Social Intelligence
  • How to Approach People Without Feeling Creepy
  • Smiling Properly
  • Your Body Language
  • Their Body Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Basic Conversations
  • Deep Conversations
  • Afraid of Rejection?
  • How To Make Friends Online
  • How To Make Friends At The Gym
  • How To Make Friends At School
  • How To Make Friends At A Party
  • Advanced Social Skills

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