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Hi, I’m Matt, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself so you can decide if this course is for you. For nearly the past decade, I’ve done SEO. I’ve spent that time as an affiliate marketer and, more recently, as an SEO and lead generation coach.
In terms of my personal experience with Frase, it’s been my go-to tool for writing content to rank higher on Google since 2020. I’m a Frase Certified Expert andI’ve created and shared 22 FREE AI templates in the community template section of Frase (search for [RT]). The templates took ~300 hours to create and have been collectively used over 96,000 times by Frase users! 

So if you want to learn how to use Frase to write content aimed at ranking higher on Google, then this is the course for you.
– Matt

Frase Master Level Training You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

In this exclusive master course, you’ll learn advanced concepts, and answer the questions of why, when, and how you should be doing things in Frase from an SEO perspective!

  • How to best use Frase to rank higher
  • Advanced SEO tips and tricks in Frase
  • Master level training on the Frase AI
  • Support by me in the Frase Facebook group
  • And more perks coming soon…

Exclusive Training on Writing SEO Content & Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Frase AI

Welcome Module
  • Introduction (17 min)

Documents Module 

In this module you’ll learn how to master the documents features of Frase and write SEO optimized content. You’ll learn tips and tricks to using Frase that you won’t find elsewhere!
  • Basics (25 min)
  • Briefs (21 min)
  • SERP Basics (SEO Primer) (19 min)
  • SERP Overview (21 min)
  • Headings (5 min)
  • Questions (10 min)
  • Statistics (4 min)
  • News (4 min)
  • Wikipedia (7 min)
  • Links (15 min)
  • Outline (22 min)
  • Optimize (25 min)

AI Module

In this module I’ll walk you step by step through mastering the Frase AI. I even reveal the source code for some of my popular AI templates, explain how I made them, and take you through my thought process of updating them on video.

  • Introduction (7 min)
  • Master AI and Inline Templates (42 min)
  • Basics of Custom Template Creation (44 min)
  • Behind the Scenes for my Listicle with Paragraphs Custom AI Template (14 min)
  • Behind the Scenes for my Next Paragraph Custom AI Template (25 min)
  • Behind the Scenes for my Write a Product Recommendation Custom AI Template (19 min)
  • Behind the Scenes for my Write for Local (Pain and Solution) Custom AI Template (8 min)

SEO Tools Module

In this module I cover the different SEO related tools in the “SEO Tools” tab outside of the documents section

  • Introduction (2 min)
  • Frase Analytics (34 min)
  • More coming soon!

Writing Module

In this module I take you step-by-step of writing different articles in Frase from scratch!

  • Introduction (2 min)
  • Write a Listicle (45 min)
  • Write a Product Review Roundup (75 min)
  • More coming soon!

Nearly 8 hours of video training (+ more coming)!

~3 hours of training on using Frase from an SEO perspective

~2.5 hours of training on using the Frase AI and creating custom templates (+ view some of the code code for several of my FREE community templates!)

~2 hours of step-by-step training on how to write various types of articles which I then publish to one of my live affiliate marketing websites

More lessons coming soon!

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