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But with Insurance Rev Up, you’ll have the upper hand over those run-of-the-mill online lead vendors.

You’ll design an entire campaign in 15 minutes, and this campaign will be unlike any other in the insurance market…

… because you’ll generate the highest quality leads imaginable, outperforming social media at its own game!

You see, with many social platforms, nailing down the right target audience can be a costly, time-consuming process.

You often have to spend thousands in the testing phase to find that sweet spot….or maybe it NEVER happens and you run out of money!

My Insurance Lead Method is MUCH BETTER.

I’ll show you how to pinpoint a PERFECT target audience using targeting tools for the insurance niche!

It’s like they already have all your clients’ prospects ready to go. And they kinda of do…

You’ll identify the ideal insurance prospect who needs your clients’ services by ethically stealing the audience of big companies like Allstate, State Farm, GEICO and more.

Check out What You’ll Discover:

  • Self-Qualifying Online Insurance Lead Angle (you’ll quickly see why this is so powerful)
  • Why this strategy converts at levels dramatically higher than ANY other approach.
  • How to use micro-commitments to increase lead quality.
  • You’ll discover where to find the juiciest insurance leads. I’ll show you this magic without relying on Facebook. That’s all you need to know.
  • You’ll ask them one simple question to qualify them as a VERY GOOD lead.
  • Your insurance agent clients will enjoy leads for under $3 and often under a buck a piece. Plus, They’ll automatically know which ones are ready to TALK.
  • Our Secret Sauce to finding homeowners without specifically looking for homeowners – MUST SEE.

Can I share a litle secret? (this may sound odd)…

When you really get going with this leadgen for insurance clients..

It almost feels like you’re involved in a ‘secret criminal enterprise’… like its illgeal, but I assure you it’s not.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover if you’re one of the few lucky protégés who jumps on this opportunity…

  • How our Softsell works 10 times better than the Hardsell. (and you’ll feel more comfortable doing it our way)
  • Revealed: What we dangle in front of the prospects nose to make the salivate.
  • You’ll copy our “Super Qualifier Question” so your leads really are GOLDEN.
  • The Special Tricks we’ve learned that make our Lead Gen Ads stand out. (you dont need to experiment).
  • The KEY SET of words that MUST be in your ad! (without these, your responses will plummet)
  • The simple easy adjustments we make to target either Auto, or Health or Life insurance. (You can make money from ALL the insurance markets.)
  • A MUST HAVE: How to Find The Most Valuable Agent Contact Data Around! (this practically hands you your client data base)

The Insurance Rev-Up System is Like Going from the flintstones to the jetsons in just days…

  • Using our Insurance Data Base technique you’ll have the cell phone number of most agents too!
  • Our Method that replaces cold calls and get BETTER responses anyways. (This is one you will love once you hear details).
  • The special, tested scripts we feed into our system (but understand WE DO NOT make any calls ourselves.)
  • The specific fees we are currently charging for enrolling agents in our system – setup fees and ongoing fees. (you dont have to test and experiment)
  • How we remain VERY competitive and yet make EXCELLENT fees. It’s why we’ll never quit this.
  • YOU get all advertising fees and your fees BEFORE you spend ANY Money…you ‘front’ no cash.
  • We show you how to defeat the ONLY obstacle to making this plan work. (We did it and YOU can do it.)
  • Why you’ll never get respect from clients selling ‘low-value’ leads.

With the right guidance you can build a one-person, work-from-anywhere-in-the-world “lifestyle business” that generates 6 and even 7 figures a year relatively hassle-free…

And that’s exactly what I’m revealing in my newest program called Insurance Rev-Up…

YEP, I’m finally spilling the beans about all my hard-won secrets to leads success for insurance agents. I’m holding nothing back…I’ve now created a comprehensive multi-media program like nothing else.

It’s broken down into easy to follow baby steps, and it doesn’t require any knowledge of insurance to bring about the most dramatic results for your clients.

The BEST PART? You can learn it almost overnight, even if your completely new to Insurance or Lead Gen marketing.

Here are 3 VERY IMPORTANT points that you should bear in mind…

Firstly, even if you are only able to fit in just 5 or 10 hours a week, you can still start making money with this since the instructions are exceptionally easy-to-follow and our systems and shortcuts are going to be doing a lot of the grunt work for you.

Secondly, the main training is delivered exclusively online with all the components available indefinitely, so you can implement each step of the system in your own time, at your own pace, if you want to.

Thirdly, you can ask me any questions you want… not to mention we’ll obviously give you our FULL unrivaled support. We want you to succeed with this and we know you can!

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