God of Hormones 1 Month Coaching (Includes 1000+ hours calls and other exclusive content)

God of Hormones 1 Month Coaching (Includes 1000+ hours calls and other exclusive content)


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What can I help you with?

Many people see the body transformations and think that’s the only thing I do. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve helped people on an array of problems & goals that went deeper than this.

Business Performance

Tired too often? Can’t function without coffee?Eliminate brainfog and unleash full focus at work, in business or at studying.

Fertility, Libido & Reproduction

If you want to start a family and have kids family one day, we will avoid the mistakes that will impair the future of your children.

Hormone Balance

Hormones express your inner body state to the outer world.

Immune System & Recovery

Recover faster from sickness, get sick less often and become more resistant to environmental influences.

Nutrition & Foodchoice

Confused by all the diet and nutrition science? Too many contradictions in your head? We get rid of the noise and focus on what works.

Longevity & Anti-Aging

Slow down or even reverse aging and stay physically and mental fit, young and healthy up to a high age!

Here’s what people say on top of their obvious results…

Clients share their individual story and motivation behind WHY they were seeking my help.

Halldor Heidberg:

My friend made great progress with Niki’s coaching so I said to myself, why not try? I tried and 2 years later I won the Overall Natural Men’s Physique Championships in Iceland. I never knew what’s right and wrong. Niki always answered my questions within a day maximum. Perfect coach.

David Blaut:

This coaching gives me extreme value for life. I became a more productive, efficient, and organized person overall. My life became more structured, and I experience weekly progress inside and outside the gym. I opened my first business with Niki’s advice and all this while getting shredded.

Lucas Cangelosi:

Niki changed my life. I never knew what I was capable of until I worked with Nikita. I was skinny-fat and 2 years later I became National Men’s Physique Champion of France. After I became champion, Coach Niki booked a plane ticket to visit and congratulate me in person. Coach for life.

Eduard Buzas:

I got more than I expected in the beginning. Weekly Check-Ups boosted my streak and I was consistent with my work. I always fell-off programs, and I was not able to stick to anything. But with Niki’s systematic method, I finally pushed through and reached the beach body I always wanted.

Amber Bambi:

In the past, I had eating disorders and hormonal fluctuations. I was not feeling well many times per month. We made monthly adjustments, and Niki took care of me even when I was not feeling well. Now I am free of hormonal problems, and I can enjoy life while being very flexible with my diet.

Ali Aliyev:

No one respected me. In school and university, I was weak and an outsider. I started coaching, and quickly I lost all my belly and hip fat. Niki gave me crucial advice on mindset and motivated the hell out of me. My Testosterone values went up. I became way more self-confident and motivated in life.

I help everyday men & women get in the best shape of their lives and even become champions, if they want to.

In over 12 years of coaching, I trained over 10,000 clients. I coached casual lifters, average Joes and Josephines who wanted to change their health and lifestyle.

I had the privilege of coaching professional athletes in various sports in the highest leagues like the NBA, UFC and even the Olympic Games.
I am a mastermind in my field and I will have the perfect solution for you in my repertoire. I make sure my clients become a more successful, productive, efficient and intelligent person in and outside the gym.
The fitness industry is full of ineffective copy & paste plans that simply do not work. In my coaching, I daily interact with my clients to solve all puzzles in their heads.
I will teach you how to use training, nutrition, and supplementation to get a crucial advantage in life. This is what I do.
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