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Do you know what it takes to get traffic from Pinterest? Essentially, people need to click on your Pins. Unfortunately, sucky Pins = sucky traffic. In the Viral Pin Formula, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to make a great Pin that more clicks and saves so that you can reach more people, get more email subscribers, and grow your business!

7 Essential Ingredients for Creating Viral Pins

Includes 7 in-depth chapters walking you through exactly what to include in your Pin designs
(and why) to make them go viral and generate more clicks and traffic.

Design Tools Required to Create Your Pins

Save time (and money) with my list of top recommended design tools. Not only are these tools free, but they’ll help you design professional quality graphics even if you suck at design.

Effortless Strategies to Design Stunning Pins That Get Clicks

The Viral Pin Formula isn’t rocket-science, but most Pinterest marketers overlook these simple strategies. You’ll learn exactly what to include to make your Pins stand out!

52 Irresistible Power Words Perfect for Pinterest

Learn what words to use in your Pin designs and descriptions to command attention. These
power words will make your Pins so irresistible people have to click on them.

Simple Tips to Instantly Supercharge Your Headlines

Stop creating Pins that get overlooked in the news feed. You’ll learn how to transform your headlines from boring (and overlooked) into compelling (and attention-drawing).

Advanced Strategies to Promote Your Pins

Once you’ve designed a Viral Pin, it needs to be seen! Get access to a free training sharing advanced strategies to get your Pin more exposure than you can imagine!

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