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We help aspiring traders understand the Forex market through our immersive video course and the quizzes we created to go along side it. Inside the academy is a step by step video and written library that teaches you everything we feel you need to know about day trading!

The FOREX Blueprint

The Swag Academy is the home of the #1 Forex YouTube Channel in the world. Our valued educational course: The Blueprint, is jam-packed with an infinite value ranging from: brokerage information, general information on how taxes can be applied to your trading, applying risk management and psychology to your trading, and a deep fundamental analysis section.

That also doesn’t include the 30 videos solely dedicated to entries & exits. This academy is for you if you’re looking to understand how to day trade. Yes, a beginner can take this course because this step-by-step course can be taught universally. We are in no way guaranteeing profits. We’re just trying to help you understand what day trading is and how you can potentially trade!

Inside The FOREX Blueprint

If you came from my YouTube channel, you kind of have a sense of how I trade. With our complete FOREX Day Trading Blueprint, we believe we cover everything in a deeper format! As we stated above, we feel like we’ve added everything our brain could think of that’ll help you understand as much about day trading as possible. The best part about this program is that we constantly add new videos. So if there’s something you’re having trouble with, you can 100% make a suggestion and we’ll do our best to either add it to the course, go over it on an upcoming webinar, or both!

Start Your Day Trading Journey!

Our courses are strategically designed to educate you in a higher capacity than we do on YouTube so that you have the confidence and knowledge needed to start day trading. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and we are in NO way guaranteeing profits. I kindly ask that you please close the browser if you’re looking for one. If you’re also struggling with money, please keep your capital and continue to learn for free on my YouTube channel as our goal is to never make your situation harder. But if neither applies and you have money you’re comfortable with risking and want to be apart of Swaggy’s community, let’s get started!

Meet Your Instructor

As a sophomore in college, I came across day trading and instantly knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The phrase: “when you know, you know,” is super cliche, but couldn’t be more true in this case. I relentlessly studied the market for years and let me tell you… it’s not for everyone. The market is nasty, real, and doesn’t care about your feelings. I learned this the hard way as my first few years were filled with blowing account after account…


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