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Understand The Structure Of Love And Leverage It, Create It At Will and Maintain It In Anybody You Like

  • Unlimited Applications
  • Never Worry About Love Again
  • Create Relationships of Any Depth
  • Getting Strangers To Fall In Love
  • Re-Kindling Lost Love
  • Turbo Charging Existing Relationships
  • Mechanics Of Love
  • Objective Description
  • Objective Understanding
  • Reverse Engineered Emotions
  • Structure Of Learning
  • Unnatural To Unconscious Competence
  • Natural To Conscious Competence
  • Conscious Competence To Unconscious Competence
  • Layers Of Learning
  • Advertising – Manipulated Emotions
  • Music – Manipulated Emotions
  • Movies – Manipulated Emotions
  • True Love – The Final Frontier
  • Engineering What’s Natural
  • Targeted Love Building
  • Organic Love Building
  • Love Re-Building
  • Recapturing Lost Love
  • The Meaning Of Love
  • Love – Instinctive Necessity
  • Love – Survival Value
  • Love – Easily Engineered Emotion
  • Non Verbal Creation of Love
  • The Necessary Ingredient
  • Why It Is So Rare Today
  • Why It Is Easy To Create
  • Love – A Much Better Description
  • Love As An Inside Game
  • Love Ingredients – Ancient Tribe
  • Love Ingredients – Modern Society
  • How To Replicate Necessary Ingredients
  • How To Magnify Necessary Ingredients
  • Objective – Subjective Spectrum
  • How To Switch Back And Forth
  • How To Switch In The Moment
  • Incentive Management
  • How To Live By Your Own Rules
  • How To Replicate External Incentives
  • How To Resonate External Incentives
  • Easy Social Skills
  • Eliminate Fear of Rejection
  • How To Build Criteria
  • How To Expand Criteria
  • The Power Of Disqualification
  • Why Disqualification Increases Attraction
  • Proper Mindset For Creating Love
  • Common Mindset For Falling In Love
  • The “Falling” Metaphor
  • Other Useful Love Metaphors
  • The Love Garden Metaphor
  • Love Creation Questions
  • Love Creation Follow Up Questions
  • Bring Out Existing Desires
  • Expand Pre-Existing Emotional Treasures
  • Leverage Pre-Existing Love Feelings
  • Easy Practice Techniques
  • Non Judgmental Rapport
  • Essential Following Rapport
  • How To Practice Push-Pull Rapport
  • Leading Conversational Topics
  • The Secret Killer of Love
  • How To Shut It Off
  • Advanced Language Tricks
  • Covert Love Anchoring
  • Magnified Love Anchoring
  • Elicit Any Sexual Fantasy
  • Amplify Any Sexual Fantasy
  • Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Touch
  • Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Voice
  • Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Body
  • Create A Lifetime Of Lust
  • Super Sneaky Love Tricks
  • Sneakier Tricks For Everybody
  • Train Your Lover To Obey
  • Elicit and Magnify
  • The Most Potent Covert Anchor
  • What Push Pull Really Means
  • The Infinite Levels of Push Pull
  • Mastering The Push-Pull Dance
  • The Ancient Reasons For Push Pull
  • Daily Practices To Enhance Conversation Skills
  • Daily Journaling Habits To Accelerate Learning
  • Daily Criteria Digging Habits
  • How To Approach First and Qualify Later
  • Never Fear Crowds Again
  • Why Love Creation Is The Ultimate Survival Skill
  • How To Use Love Creation Skills To Build Financial Empires
  • How To Use Love Creation Skills To Land Any Job
  • Why Love Creation Skills Are Essential


Unconscious Programming

Emotional Magnifier

  • Magnify Their Dreams
  • Amplify Their Happiness
  • Expand Their Pleasure
  • Heighten Their Hopes
  • Enhance Their Feelings
  • Maximize Their Smile
  • Accelerate Their Joy
  • Boost Their Delight
  • Broaden What’s Possible
  • Extend Their Affections
  • Leverage Their Sympathies

Internal Ruler

  • Rock Solid Boundaries
  • Choose Your Thoughts
  • Decide On Your Actions
  • Stick To Your Game Plan
  • Absolute Emotional Control
  • Effortless Frame Domination
  • Manage Every Conversation
  • Easily Steer Their Emotions
  • Always Act – Never React
  • Easily Obey Your Own Limits
  • Infinite Internal Integrity


  • Rational Based Behavior
  • Always Plan – Never Wish
  • Know Exactly What To Do
  • Understand Precisely What To Say
  • Plan For Every Contingency
  • Compute Detailed Strategies
  • Determine Price Plans
  • Consider Every Option
  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities
  • Maximize Their Love Response
  • Use Scarcity Effectively

Prize Mind

  • Understand What You Truly Offer
  • Positive Self Belief
  • Continually Increasing Value
  • Give The Gift Of Yourself
  • Others Will Qualify Themselves To You
  • Radiate Infinite Self Respect
  • Undeniable Self Appreciation
  • Irrefutable Self Confidence
  • Unstoppable Self Esteem
  • Unconscious Magnetism
  • Approachable Attraction


  • Subtle Questions of Dominance
  • Radiate True Exclusivity
  • Never Settle Again
  • Others Compete For Your Attention
  • They Come To You
  • Be The Product Everybody Wants
  • Endless Choice
  • Perpetual Preference
  • Continuous Options
  • Never Ending Candidates
  • Only Settle Down When Ready

Scarcity Generator

  • Be The Notes Within The Music
  • Let Them Wait For You
  • Give Them Just Enough
  • Be Confident On Your Own
  • Let Love Build In Their Mind Naturally
  • Accelerate Their Affection
  • Get Them Dying To See You
  • Your Texts Will Be Heavenly
  • Your Calls Will Be Orgasmic
  • Your Presence Will Be Cherished
  • Know Precisely How To Space Yourself

Treasure Hunter

  • Dig For Golden Nuggets
  • Find Their Hidden Pleasure
  • Uncover Their Deepest Desires
  • Magnify Their Secret Wishes
  • Anchor Their Passions
  • Expand Their Future Dreams
  • Leave Them Happier Than You Found Them
  • Always Leave A Good Impression
  • Become Socially In Demand
  • Turbo Charge Existing Relationships
  • Memorable Conversations In Seconds

Master Mix

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • Gamma Master – Perfect For Pre-Game Social Activities
  • 4V Theta Master – Quick Reprogramming
  • 256V Theta Master – Thousands of Voices
  • Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs
  • Steady Growth In All Areas
  • Resonate With Love Energy

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