Geometric Angles Applied To Modern Markets


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Course Contents:

Lesson #1 (60 minute private session):

  • W.D. Gann’s Introduction to Geometric Angles.
  • Importance of the square in nature.
  • Using the square to divide time and price proportionately.
  • Important angles within the square.
  • Common scaling problems.
  • How to scale charts for all markets and timeframes.

Lesson #2(60 minute private session):

  • What is a timekeeper?
  • Using timekeepers to scale charts for all timeframes.
  • Solving geometric angles for all markets and timeframes.
  • Squaring highs and lows using geometric angles.
  • Understanding and interpreting price action around geometric angles.

Lesson #3(60 minute private session):

  • W.D. Gann’s Mechanical Method as it applies to geometric angles.
  • Buying and selling points.
  • Analyzing the market using geometric angles.
  • Building an entry using geometric angles.
  • Trade management.

Lesson #4(60 minute private session):

  • Analyzing live market conditions using geometric angles (live trading session).
  • Top down analysis of any market you choose.
  • Identifying sections of the market.
  • Understanding possible market scenarios.
  • Speculating the next highest probability move in the market.

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