The Gateway Experience Waves I-VII Complete Experience by Hemi-Sync


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This Gateway Experience In-Home Training Series develops, explores and applies expanded states of awareness. There are eight “albums” called “Waves of Change,” starting with Discovery.

Wave I – Discovery:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Orientation
CD-1 2 Introduction to Focus 10
CD-2 3 Advanced Focus 10
CD-2 4 Release and Recharge
CD-3 5 Exploration, Sleep
CD-3 6 Free Flow 10

The Mind Awake/Body Asleep state (Focus 10) and other “mental tools” are introduced in Discovery to help you experience expanded awareness.

Orientation – introduction and Focus 3
Intro Focus 10 – establish the state of mind awake/body asleep
Advanced Focus 10 – expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
Release and Recharge – detach from old fears and negative emotions
Exploration, Sleep – techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
Focus 10 Free Flow – experiment with all tools learned in Wave I

Wave II – Treshold:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Introduction to Focus 12
CD-1 2 Problem Solving
CD-2 3 One-Month Patterning
CD-2 4 Color Breathing
CD-3 5 Energy Bar Tool
CD-3 6 Living Body Map

By dissolving fear barriers, Treshold opens new channels for expanding and integrating personal awareness.

Intro Focus 12 – establish the higher energy state of expanded awareness
Problem Solving – receive creative solutions to your questions
One Month Patterning   reshape your life in desired directions
Color Breathing – link mind and body to energize and support healing
Energy Bar Tool – direct your nonphysical energies
Living Body Map – balance and strengthen the physical self

Wave III – Freedom:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Lift Off
CD-1 2 Remote Viewing
CD-2 3 Vectors
CD-2 4 Five Questions
CD-3 5 Energy Food
CD-3 6 First Stage Separation

Become aware of your energy system and learn tools to control it. Focus 10 and Focus 12 exercises are designed to make perceiving and controlling your non-physical energy comfortable and enjoyable.

Lift Off – achieve ease with nonphysical experience

Remote Viewing – tools for distant perception

Vectors – reference points for easy movement

Five Questions – answers from your total self

Energy Food – absorb nonphysical energy

First Stage Separation – explore nonphysical consciousness

Wave IV – Adventure:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 One Year Patterning
CD-1 2 Five Messages
CD-2 3 Free Flow 12
CD-2 4 NVC I
CD-3 6 Compoint


Experience new things, learn new ideas, and meet new people. This album provides you with the ultimate expression beyond Freedom – that of a personally controlled and directed adventure.

One Year Patterning – for designing your desired future

Five Messages – gain insight into your total self

Free Flow 12 – an unparalleled background for personal exploration

NVC I – non-verbal communication, the language of intuitive thought

NVC II – broaden perception in all states of your being

Compoint 12 – establish a reference point for communication with higher consciousness

Wave V – Exploring:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Advanced Focus 12
CD-1 2 Discovering Intuition
CD-2 3 Exploring Intuition
CD-2 4 Intro to Focus 15
CD-3 5 Mission 15 and Manifestation
CD-3 6 Exploring Focus 15

Following Focus 12, you will be introduced to Focus 15 – the “no time” state – the state of simply being. It is here that you can connect with your intuition, far beyond any five senses.

Advanced Focus 12strengthen and reinforce your familiarity with this valuable state

Discovering Intuition – use Focus 12 as a natural foundation for enhancing your intuitive abilities

Exploring Intuition – further exploration of your intuitive abilities

Intro to Focus 15 – be guided into Focus 15, the state of “no time,” where time does not exist for you

Mission 15 Creation and Manifestation – explore Focus 15 as a powerful state of creation and manifestation

Exploring Focus 15 – a free flow opportunity for further exploration of this extraordinary state

Wave VI – Odyssey:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Sensing Locale 1
CD-1 2 Expansion in Locale 1
CD-2 3 Point of Departure
CD-2 4 Nonphysical friends
CD-3 5 Intro to Focus 21
CD-3 6 Freeflow Journey in Focus 21

In Wave VI, high adventure exercises are featured in Focus 21 (the bridge to other energy systems). We invite you to explore dimensions beyond physical time and space in this continuation of the Gateway Experience that flies beyond description.

Sensing  – learn to control your energy body

Expansion  – reach out further from your physical body

Point of Departure – project “out of phase” from your physical self

Nonphysical Friends – meet your “helpers in energetic form”

Intro to Focus 21 – travel the bridge to other energy systems

Free Flow Journey in Focus 21 – brand-new territory for your exploration

Wave VII – Voyager:

CD No. Track Name
CD-1 1 Voyager 1 – Explore Total Self
CD-1 2 Voyager 2 – Intro to Focus 23
CD-2 3 Voyager 3 – Intro to Focus 25
CD-2 4 Voyager 4 – Intro to Focus 27
CD-3 5 Voyager 5 – Retrieval
CD-3 6 Voyager 6 – Messages From Beyond



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