Freelancer Profit Manual - How to Earn Thousands Every Month Freelancing

Freelancer Profit Manual – How to Earn Thousands Every Month Freelancing


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My promise is simple…I’ve a proven method that allows you to:

Decide Where And How Much You Want To Work And When And How Much You Want To Earn

And on this page, I’m going to show you how you can do that.

Yes, I know to some this may sound incredible.

Frankly, If you told me that ten years ago.

I’d have thought you were crazy.

But after making six figures yearly — only working a few hours a day, traveling around the world.

And most important:

After teaching dozens of people to do the same (in just one minute you’ll meet some of them too).

Now, I know it’s completely possible… and not only that… I believe:

Everyone has the potential to create the lifestyle they want.

Because one thing it’s clear:

The internet allows any person, in any place, to create their dream lifestyle.

But there’s a lot of confusion.

That’s why you see people wasting their time on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Or learning complex things with tons of moving parts (webpages, cold email, etc.).

And what happens after every failed attempt?

They start again from square one.

No clients, no system, no money.

I have been there too:

Lost, without knowing the path, with all the noise of those gurus pitching this and that…

The truth is… life is simple.

And the things that bring the best results always are the simplest and deepest.

Not the trendiest and noisy new thing.

That’s why I created:

The Moneybag Method

An easy approach that lets you choose your clients and get paid.

My method doesn’t depend on one-shot tricks that quickly stop working as more people apply them.

With the Moneybag Method, there’s no saturation.

These are timeless principles that have worked and will continue working regardless of the platforms or the trends.

Things always change.

Now, what never changes are the mechanisms of human behavior:

And anybody, based on those deep mechanisms…can find a prospect, get them to be

interested, and be paid for their services.

That’s what I teach you in the manual.

Here’s a small peek of what’s inside:

💪 💰 What you really need to build to be a successful freelancer.

💪 💰 The single element that gives you instant credibility and how you can build it

with ease… no matter what kind of service you want to offer.

💪 💰 How you can avoid falling into the trap most beginners’ freelancers fall into.

💪 💰 Why specificity is a superpower and how to cultivate it.

💪 💰 An almost instant way to build rapport and get paid without manipulation. It

doesn’t matter if your network is small, or if you don’t have testimonials. That’s not

a hack, it’s a complete strategy and I’ll show you: the psychological reason why this

strategy works and all steps to implement it, in any niche.

💪 💰 How to “fortify” your schedule against distractions…the easiest productivity

technique…even someone who hates productivity techniques could apply it.

💪 💰 Why the “standard” advice about cold email can get you in serious problems

if you’re a beginner…what to do instead…and what’s the best moment and the

approach you can apply to get scalable results.

💪 💰 An advanced and powerful Twitter tactic you could use to build rapport and

borrow, in a cool move, the authority of any big account or personality.

💪 💰 How anyone can make it as a freelancer with an anonymous profile. Do this

and make prospects respect you and hire you. Mess up it and pay the


💪 💰 What kind of “traits” are big red flags you should spot and avoid in some type

of leads…as if your life depends on it. Because it depends.

Do I need a skill to start freelancing?

Ideally, if you have a skill, you’ll advance faster…

But if you don’t know any skill yet you can learn one from zero: fast, with the advantage:

You’ll have guides and you’ll make fewer mistakes than learning alone.

What else do I need to earn money as a freelancer?

You need a proven method, and the desire to live on your own terms.

No, you don’t need fancy tools. (I made my first $1k/month from a freaking Chromebook

$250 laptop).

Another quick glimpse of what’s waiting for you:

Although what I teach in The Freelancer Profit Manual is timeless, I’m always updating the

content and adding bonus modules.

Even with the regular package, you have access to content like this:

✅ How to map out your entire path from $0 to $20K (or to any amount you want).

✅ A strategy to deal with different clients and always deliver your services

matching their tones, vision, and goals. I have used this exact strategy to

generate +$8 million with email marketing to different clients, but you can use it, no

matter what services you provide.

✅ What’s bigger than getting a few clients and trying to sell info-products…a long-lasting approach you can start to apply today.

✅ The game I always use to increase my clients’ conversions.

✅ How to avoid all the scary things people say about PayPal and getting paid no

matter where you’re located.

✅ Wise moves you can do with your money to increase it aka making the money

works for you.

✅ BONUS Recourses

✅  A private group with other freelancers (355+ members ready to help you)

✅  And the list goes on.

I’m 100% confident anyone can have a great life freelancing, my students think the same:

One last thing:

As you can see from the people up above, freelancing will change your life. It’s one of the simplest ways to make money online.

There are no complicated systems to follow.

Just stick to the manual and then leverage our private group to get real-time help.

Of course:

The decision is yours.

But if you want to change your reality,

See you inside.

Your friend,

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