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🎉 Grow Your Passive Income with a New, Untapped Digital Product- Spreadsheet Templates!

Buyers are searching for spreadsheet templates everyday- learn how to tap into this demand and get “you’ve made a sale!” notifications while you sleep. Get a massive headstart with 14 fully designed spreadsheets for you to resell (these sell for $700 on their own) and the exact strategy I used to launch a spreadsheet shop on Etsy™ that’s made 30,000+ sales.

You want to cash in on passive earnings from digital products, but…

Printables aren’t cutting it

Boring digital products like printables aren’t turning people into excited customers the way you’d hoped. And the competition in the printables market is intense.

You don’t want to make a course

You’re not ready to invest weeks of your time in recording a lengthy course.

Say hello to my favorite digital product: spreadsheet templates ⚡️

  • More than 2 billion people use Google Sheets and Excel
  • In a 2021 survey, 40% of people who budget use a spreadsheet to do it.
  • Thousands of people search Etsy™ for ready-made spreadsheet templates every month- with much less competition than printables and digital planners.

The best part? You don’t need to know what a Vlookup is or have sold digital products before.

  • I had fun designing my dream budget spreadsheets based on high demand, low competition spreadsheets on Etsy. I made what I wanted to use everyday.
  • I had barely any spreadsheet experience, and this was my first digital product I’d ever made.
  • My target market wanted help with budgeting- and I felt so good I could make them something that would really help them with that… and that actually excited them!! I got my first sale on day 1!

Spreadsheets That Sell

How to make a simple spreadsheet in Google Sheets and sell it on auto-pilot on Etsy and beyond- no advanced spreadsheet skills needed. Includes 50+ lessons, 20+ video tutorials, & over $700 of resellable spreadsheets you can start selling now!

Lesson Sneak Peek 👀


Week 1: Validate your First 5 Profitable Spreadsheets

Week 2: My Simple Formula to Making Spreadsheets That Sell

Week 3: Listing Your 5 Spreadsheets on Etsy

Week 4: Etsy™ Strategy To Get Continuing Sales

Week 5: My 6 figure Digital Product Marketing Strategy off Etsy

Week 6: Scaling your Spreadsheet Biz!

BONUS: Resellable Spreadsheet Templates ($700+ value!)

BONUS: my design secrets to make your spreadsheets sell like hotcakes

⚡️NEW⚡️ Etsy Sale Calculator & Customer Journey Planner

⚡️NEW: My Secret to Getting Sales for highly competitive products on Etsy⚡️

⚡️NEW: My Pinterest strategy to get daily views on my spreadsheets⚡️

⚡️ NEW – Easy Google Sheets Tutorial Library ⚡️

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