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The time is now…

By the end of Moving into Mastery, you’ll be able to:

1 Heal Core Relationships

Break the patterns you inherited that can keep you stuck in resentment. Hold yourself accountable to the greatness you know is inside of you. Cultivate healthy, loving relationships with friends and family by transforming your relationship with yourself.

2 Optimize Your Brain & Body

Nourish your body as a complete system that knows how to heal itself. Let your brain perform like the miraculous machine that it is. Neuroscience and nutrition have never looked so good

3 Master Your Finances

Transition from lack to abundance by gaining the fundamental rules of money. Take a clear look at your finances and get some world class guidance on how to make your money work for you.

4 Get Crystal Clear on Your Purpose

The world is changing quickly. We need you lit up and in alignment with your purpose. When you align your goals with your actions, the life of your dreams shows up quickly.

What is Moving into Mastery?

Moving into Mastery is an advanced combination of neuroscience, ancient wisdom from the Vedas, performance training, life coaching and positive psychology that will radically uplevel your consciousness and your life.

Who will you become when you prioritize yourself?

In this year-long curriculum, you’ll swim in some of the most illuminating concepts ever cognized — but more importantly you’ll discover how to implement these teachings into 2022 life.

Emily enlisted an elite team of thought leaders — including a Stanford neuroscientist, a world renowned relationship coach, and an Oprah-anointed mindfulness expert — to help bring the ancient concepts you’ll learn into 3D so you can apply them to your daily life. You’ll learn to master your:

On this journey, you’re gonna get crystal clear on your dreams, purify your body, which will optimize your sleep and eating habits. You’ll change your relationship with money, uplevel your deserving power and finally learn how to make your fear work for you instead of against you.

Mastery is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the hungry.

If you’re here, you’ve signaled to Nature, “I’m ready to wake up. I’m ready to pay attention.”

Creating the life of your dreams will mean sacrificing the life you currently have. Is it daunting? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes.

It’s not an accident you are here. This life-changing course is showing up for you now because you’re ready for it.

What’s inside Moving into Mastery?

Everything you get when you enroll:

This course is a carefully curated matriculation.

It’s not about inundating you with information to wade through on your own.
No buffet with a million different teachings and techniques.
This is a guided higher learning journey with a community to ensure your success.

Get a deep understanding of the laws of Nature to uplevel every area of your life.

Get the support you need to answer and act on questions like…

  • Should I stay or leave my relationship?
  • What is keeping me from the life I want?
  • How can I optimize my health and body?
  • What if my friends resent my success?
  • Why haven’t I achieved what I know I’m capable of?
  • Am I on the ‘right’ career path?
  • What is my true passion? What is my life’s purpose?
  • How can I achieve true financial freedom?
  • How can I best use my unique skills to be of service to the world?

Why I Created This Course

Thirteen years ago, my life completely changed. I had started a meditation practice and had dived head first into Vedic philosophy. I had very little disposable income, and yet much of it went toward the knowledge I couldn’t devour fast enough.

This ancient wisdom unlocking the questions I had been asking my whole life. Things like “Why am I here?”
“What is MY purpose?”
“How can I live the most lit up, amazing life of my dreams?”

I found those answers in this ancient philosophy. This is what we WISH we learned in school. How to live on purpose, how to be in flow and abundance with money, how to look and feel amazing in your body all while making the world a better place.

My life was so impacted by this knowledge, that I decided to create a series offering a deep understanding of the laws of Nature. A course that provides a level of mastery which enables you to discover your destiny and to consciously create the life you’ve always imagined. My mind started reeling. What would be the impact?

And thus, Moving into Mastery was born.

This knowledge has colored every decision, every course, every relationship and investment decision I make. This knowledge will not only make your life better, it will help you to enjoy it so much more. Are you ready?


The Moving into Mastery Curriculum

Use the laws of Nature to live with more joy, purpose and clarity than ever before.

Module 01 Harness the power of Nature (instead of fighting it)

Foundation Training with Emily Fletcher

What’s Inside This Module:

The powerful introduction, Foundations, is the Vedas according to Emily. This tills the soil for all the knowledge to be planted in future intensives.

  • Learn why nothingness became somethingness
  • Explore the ancient philosophies of our practice and how they can be implemented today
  • How the three states of nature (creation, maintenance and destruction) play out in your life
Module 02 Call in the love you want or optimize the love you have

Mastering Your Relationships with Lauren Handel-Zander

What’s Inside This Module:

Relationships are meant to be an outlet for our fulfillment, not a place to go to fill ourselves up.

  • Explore your relationship with yourSELF before unpacking your relationship with your parents
  • Upgrade the operating system you inherited from those who raised you
  • Change your story around love and worthiness
  • Learn a system of consequences and integrity to improve your relationship habits and express what you need.
Module 03 Nourish your unique body type

Mastering Your Body with Max Lugavere

What’s Inside This Module:

Explore the beautiful art and science of Ayurveda. First, learn to use food as the powerful medicine it is to strengthen and purify your body with Emily. Then, let guest expert Max Lugavere share the latest breakthroughs from the world of cognition nutrition, or eating for brain health.

  • See your body as a whole complete system and take responsibility for your health
  • Take our dosha quiz to find out your Ayurvedic body type
  • Learn how to hack insomnia
  • Learn the best way to start your day
  • Heal your skin from within
  • Discover how to optimize your food, your exercise and your meditation habits for better performance
  • Get a comprehensive suggested supplement list
  • Balance your hormones and reverse your biological age
Module 04 Make fear work for you, not against you.

Mastering Your Brain with Andrew Huberman

What’s Inside This Module:

Your brain is responsible for printing every cell in your body and for making every decision. Let’s get to know it, shall we?

  • Learn the seven states of consciousness and how to perceive the self and the universe, knower and the known
  • How meditation is structurally changing your brain, plus powerful yet simple brain hacks
  • Neuroscience tools to rapidly reset your brain to flow state, increase focus and empathy and use your fear (instead of letting it use you).
Module 05 Change your money mindset from lack to abundance

Mastering Your Money with Samantha Clark

What’s Inside This Module:

Shift your mindset from lack and fear to abundance and confidence. Money is the bogeyman that we all congratulate each other for fearing. But money is just energy, and energy is meant to flow. Learn the real power of generosity and how creating more of an outflow inspires more of an inflow.

  • Increase your deserving power
  • Stop worshiping your non-possessions and get practical tools to celebrate what you have.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs, move toward financial freedom and learn the nitty gritty of how money works and how to wisely save, donate and invest.
Module 06 Get crystal clear on your deepest desires

Mastering Your Purpose with Jesse Israel

What’s Inside This Module:

What is your purpose on this planet? If you’re clear on your mission, life organizes around you in a way
that you feel supported and in flow.

  • Get crystal clear on what your true purpose is on this planet
  • Inspire people to join you on your mission or use your enthusiasm to help others find their own.
  • Learn exercises from Jesse to remove the obstacles to your dreams
  • Follow Emily’s 4 steps to finding your purpose.

Module 07 Tap into your creative genius (yes, you DO have it)

Mastering Your Performance + Creativity with Anthony Miendl & In-Q

What’s Inside This Module:

This unique double intensive will develop your presence, creativity and listening to get you into the right now.

  • Move beyond your critical mind and into your intuitive mind
  • Move beyond fear to become more confident in every area of your life from the boardroom to the bedroom
  • Clarify your story and step beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • Manifest your biggest dreams through storytelling and get ready to surprise yourself.
Module 08 Become a time management ninja

Mastering Your Time with Emily Fletcher

What’s Inside This Module:

Are you in an abusive relationship with time? Do you feel like you’re running out of it? Always running late? Behind schedule?

  • Develop a whole new relationship with time and access to younger versions of yourself
  • Re-live memories knowing that you have support and that (spoiler alert!) everything turns out beautifully in the end
  • Accomplish more in less time with just a post-it note
  • Lean to invest your most valuable asset – your time – wisely (and get returns!)

Your transformation begins here.

Moving into Mastery is for you if you are:

  • Eager to discover what your purpose is on this planet.
  • Certain there’s more to this world than your current everyday reality.
  • Ready to deepen your spiritual practice and connection to the divine.
  • Hungry to discover your truest, deepest desires.
  • Searching for a way to use your unique gifts to serve the world.
  • A lover of philosophy and lineage, but want it free from dogma and backed up by modern science.
  • Looking for a curated curriculum of deep knowledge and wisdom that you can actually use in your day-to-day life.

Learn at your own pace

Moving into Mastery is a digital course. Partake anywhere, anytime as your schedule allows.

Use our curated syllabus as a guide or go at your own pace. Having unlimited access to the material means it’s there for you when you’re ready to dive in.

And when you need support or accountability to keep moving, your Mastery colleagues and our Ziva Guides will be on hand — no matter what.

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