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Email Marketing Money Mastery

The Exact System I Use To Make Thousands Of Dollars A Month By Typing Some Words And Clicking A Big, Red Send Button.

Let me show you the exact system that makes me thousands of dollars a month like clockwork.

I’m Jose Rosado. Husband and father, living and working in the Dominican Republic.

Despite the barriers my country imposed on online businesses, I bring in well over $15,000 with a simple email marketing campaign that takes me 2-3 hours to write.

My most popular course, Straightline Webdesign, has sold nearly $60,000.

And my tactics have helped my students and clients sell hundreds of thousands of dollars using email marketing as their go-to online marketing tool.

Imagine Having A System That Increases Your Income Running On Auto Pilot While You’re Taking A Nap – It’s Like Having Your Very Own Minions

I’m not a native English speaker.

I don’t have access to online payment processors like Stripe.

Despite these “limitations,” my piggy bank is thicc – bordering diabetes. My loved ones are taken care of, living comfortable lives, with enough financial certainty to enjoy life and save for the future.

In November 2018, when I first showed up to grow my email list, I didn’t know what to write about nor where to start.

Back then, I wrote all my content in Spanish and used Google Translate to get the English right.


If you think writing in English is hard when you barely speak the language…trying to sell in English!

Just a month after I started, my email list was 1,000 subscribers strong.

And, if you keep reading I’ll show you a path to achieve this.

Introducing: Email Marketing Money Mastery

A Proven System To Seduce Your First 1000 Raving Fans Who Will Buy Anything You Sell

Email Marketing Money Mastery

This course comes In Three Parts:

1: Fundamentals you need to master to make your email marketing work while you’re sleeping.

2: Advanced Strategies and tactics I’ve used (and so have my students) to hit “send” and then watch my phone blow up with notifications of people buying.

3: Bonus Vault to supercharge your email marketing and launch your income to the moon.

What You’ll Discover: Fundamentals

  • The ultimate email secrets to turn subscribers into obsessed fans
  • The best email marketing tool I’ve ever used
  • How often should you send email to your list
  • Golden email marketing automation tricks to make money on auto-pilot while you sleep
  • The exact strategies to get your first 100 subscribers
  • How to never run out of ideas (what to say in your emails)
  • The shortcuts to write emails 2x faster
  • How often should you sell in your emails
  • Setting up a landing page that FORCES people to subscribe to your newsletter

The Advanced Tactics I’ll Show You

  • Advanced tactics to get your 1000+ subscribers and more
  • 6 shockingly simple tips for writing attention-grabbing subject lines
  • The 3 bullet-proof concepts you must a apply to maximize your sales
  • How to hijack people’s attention so that they open your email
  • How to ethically lure people to join your email list
  • Autopilot Mode: have your email marketing tools do your dirty work
  • How often should you sell in your emails
  • Landing page tricks to persuade people to subscribe to your email list even a nobody can use

Bonus Vault: The Online Money Mastery (5x)

BONUS 1: 6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers

BONUS 2: Crafting The Perfect Sales Page That Turns Views In Hard Cash

BONUS 3: Crashcourse In Copywriting – Persuade Through The Written Word.

BONUS 4: Never-before-seen Interview Of Ed Latimore: Writing To Earn Money

BONUS 5: The Lost Files Of Alexander Cortes: Blueprint For Building A Powerful Email List

What You’ll Exactly Get

✅ Email Marketing Money Mastery 80-page guide

✅ 6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers guide

✅ Crafting The Perfect Sales Page That Turns Views In Hard Cash guide

✅ Crashcourse In Copywriting: Persuade course

✅ Never-published Interview of Ed Latimore: Writing To Earn Money video interview

✅ The lost interview of Alexander Cortes: Blueprint For Building A Powerful Email List video interview

✅ 9 Step-by-Step Videos Tutorials Revealing How To Automate Your Email Marketing

“Alright, this all sounds good but… How Much Does It Cost?”

If you thought it’s worth at least $1,000…you’d be right.

But I’m not going to charge you $1,000.

Not even going to charge you $700.

Or even $300?

I am not even going to sell you this for $100!

All you have to invest today, to get this insane bundle…

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