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Elite Local Ads is all about helping you get more customers for any local business using a proven Google Ads formula that’s guaranteed to work.

Here’s What Kyle Sulerud’s Elite Local Ads Course Covers…

Module 1: Keywords

  • ​Discover the absolute best method for finding high-value keywords for your business.
  • Create airtight campaigns that focus on attracting BUYERS.
  • Stop wasting money on keywords that are never going to lead to sales.
  • Find tons of negative keywords that will save you money from day one.
  • A foolproof way to ensure your campaigns are instantly profitable, even if you start with a small budget.
  • And more…

Module 2, 3, & 4: Settings & Ads

  • Get a blueprint for all the optimal settings crucial to running a successful campaign.​
  • See which of Google’s “recommended” settings you need to avoid.
  • ​Find hidden (but important) settings most advertisers don’t know about.
  • ​Advanced location targeting strategies so you can target your local area the RIGHT way.
  • ​11 Proven formulas you can use when writing your ads, complete with persuasion triggers that spur people to take action.
  • ​Make sure your ads stay relevant to whatever people are searching for, WITHOUT writing a different ad for every keyword.​
  • Take up more real estate on Google’s search results page with effective ad extensions (and the two most commonly used ad extensions that you should never use).
  • Plus more!

Module 5: Tracking Setup

  • Quick and easy guide to Google Ads tracking setup.
  • ​Most local businesses don’t track their leads. This is a huge mistake…
  • ​Set yourself apart from the vast majority of advertisers who don’t properly track their leads and sales.​
  • Once tracking is set up, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns like a pro.
  • ​Plus much more!

Module 6 & 7: Campaign Optimization

  • What to do in the very first hours, days, and weeks when starting a new campaign.
  • Quickly find and eliminate wasted ad spend.
  • Adjust your bids to help maximize the profitability of your campaigns.
  • ​Get new keyword ideas from your customers.
  • ​See how your campaign performance compares to your competitors.
  • ​And a TON more!

Module 8: Retargeting

  • Play with the big boys and be everywhere your customers are, without spending gobs of money.
  • ​Learn how to easily create highly effective ads that you don’t need to design or write.
  • ​Segment your remarketing lists so you can give prospects what they want, when they want it.
  • ​Use remarketing lists in your search campaigns to improve your ROI.
  • ​And much, much more!

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