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High Ticket eCom Secrets Escape Your 9-to-5 by Building a High Ticket Dropshipping Business

High Ticket eCom Secrets Course Curriculum


  • Introducing You to High Ticket eCom Secrets

Module 1 : Successful Selection

  • 1.1 : Product Selection Introduction
  • 1.2 : Product Pricing
  • 1.3 : Target Market
  • 1.4 Market InterestMaking Sure There’s Market Interest
  • 1.5 Product Selection Selecting Your First Product

Module 2 : Defining the Market

  • 2.1 Introduction to Market Research Overview of Market Research
  • 2.2 Brand Loyalty Market Research Requirements for Brand Loyalty
  • 2.3 Market Research How to know if your products are dropship friendly?
  • 2.4 Monthly Search Volume Find out the average monthly search volume for the niche ideas that you currently have.
  • 2.5 Competition Determine the level of competitiveness a product niche
  • 2.6 Market Research Recap Determine if this will be the right product for you with the product checklist.
  • 2.7 Bonus Market Research Some secret ninja criteria that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Module 3 : Business Formation

  • 3.1 Business Formation Introduction What you will need to have in place in order to have a high likelihood of getting suppliers approved.
  • 3.2 Business Registration Which entity should one choose
  • 3.3 EIN You’ll learn what an EIN is and why you need one
  • 3.4 Resellers Certificate You’ll learn what is a resellers certificate and why do you need one
  • 3.5 DBA Registration We’ll be covering the importance of a DBA
  • 3.6 Website Domain Why do you need a domain name and how important it is to pick the right one
  • 3.7 Business Phone Number Learn the importance of having a business phone number
  • 3.8 Business Email Learn the importance of having a business email.
  • 3.9 Business Formation Action Tasks Action steps in order to set up for success

Module 4 : Website Creation

  • 4.1 Introduction The introduction to creating your own Shopify Ecommerce Website
  • 4.2 Shopify Introduction Learn more about Shopify
  • 4.3 Built To Sell Theme Introduction A walk-through of our recommended Built To Sell Theme.
  • 4.4 Targeting Our Audience This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership
  • 4.5 Theme Installation A complete walkthrough on how to install a theme on Shopify
  • 4.6 Understanding Our Colors Understand the importance of choosing the right colors
  • 4.7 Home Page StructureProperly structure the homepage of your site for success
  • 4.8 Collection Pages Properly structure the collections for your site for succes
  • 4.9 Apps The best apps to use when getting started
  • 4.10 Final Edits These are must-have content pages for your store
  • 4.11 Action Tasks Your action tasks for forming building your website.

Module 5 : Supplier Approval

  • 5.1 Introduction You’ll learn everything that you will need to do to have success with getting approved with suppliers.
  • 5.2 Supplier Types Not all suppliers are created equal now discover why
  • 5.3 Additional Supplier ResearchGet more detailed info on your suppliers before calling
  • 5.4 Supplier Phone and Email Script The secret scripts to having a high approval rate
  • 5.5 Bonus Material Get Earnest’s super secret supplier approval docs below.
  • 5.6 Action Tasks Your action tasks for getting approved with suppliers.

Module 6 : Optimize for Conversion

  • 6.1 Introduction How to have a great conversion rate
  • 6.2 Urgency and Scarcity How to use urgency and scarcity to improve your conversion rate.
  • 6.3 Buyers Experience With Our Content We will cover the content do you need to make sure your visitors convert into buyers.
  • 6.4 Using Reviews How reviews help increase your conversion rate
  • 6.5 Social Media And Social ProofHow to use social media successfully
  • 6.6 Abandoned Carts And Follow Up Not Yet Rated How to get customers back to your site if they leave or want to leave.
  • 6.7 Unique Bonus Offers How to separate yourself from the competition
  • 6.8 Action Tasks Your action tasks for optimizing your website for conversions
  • Conversion Bonus Increasing Conversions On Your Ecommerce Store With Lucky Orange

Module 7 : Unlimited Traffic

  • 7.1 Unlimited Traffic Introduction How to get tons of traffic to your site
  • 7.2 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace Site Indexed Getting your site listed in search engines quickly
  • 7.3 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace Google Analytics This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership
  • 7.4 Getting Noticed In The Marketplace eCom Tracking Get your enhanced eCommerce tracking set up correctly
  • 7.5 Google PLAs Introduction into what’s needed for setting Google PLA’s
  • 7.6 Setting Up Your Adwords Account Live Walkthrough of setting up Google PLA’s correctly
  • 7.7 SEOHow to drive highly qualified organic traffic
  • 7.8 Banner Ads and Influencers Additional traffic sources
  • 7.9 Unlimited Traffic Action Tasks Your action tasks to make sure your setup for success with traffic

Module 8 : Automation

  • 8.1 Introduction In this module, we’ll be covering the introduction to automation
  • 8.2 What do I need to outsource We’ll be covering every you need to know about the important things to outsource.
  • 8.3 Business OperationsWe’ll be covering how your business breakdowns into the four main categories
  • 8.4 When and How Do I Outsource When and How do I outsource?

Bonus : Shopify Store Creation

  • 1.1 Shopify Introduction & Creating Your Store Overview of learning the ins and outs of Shopify.
  • 1.2 Choosing Shopify Plan & Setting Up Domain Choosing the right shopify plan, domain name and setting it up.
  • 1.3 Creating Collections How to create collections of products.
  • 1.4 Product Uploading Time to upload your products to get paid.
  • 1.5 Creating Pages & Blog Posts How to create pages on your website to add value, THESE ARE SUPER IMPORTANT.
  • 1.6 Menus & Navigation It’s important to make sure your customers can navigate your store.
  • 1.7 Uploading Themes Time to upload your Shoptimized theme
  • 1.8 Color Scheme & Logo Design How to pick out the right colors for success

Bonus : Fraud Prevention & Protection

  • Module 1.1 FPP Masterclass Introduction In this module, we’ll be covering the introduction to fraud protection and prevention
  • Module 1.2 How to Prevent Fraud You’ll learn how to prevent and reduce fraud to be as low as possible.
  • Module 1.3 How to Protect Yourself From Fraud Learn how to protect yourself from fraud in case a chargeback arises
  • Module 1.4 How to Win Chargebacks Learn how you can win chargebacks and have a high success rate.

Bonus : Traffic Secrets Module 1 (Google Adwords)

  • TS Module 1.1 Traffic Secrets Masterclass Introduction Traffic Secrets Advertising Channels
  • TS Module 1.2 Google Adwords Understand why advertising on Google is great
  • TS Module 1.3 Understanding A Sales Funnel and Adwords Understanding a customers journey from awareness to purchase
  • TS Module 1.4 Most Important Metrics How to measure if you are financially healthy
  • TS Module 1.5 Must Have Policies The policies you have to have to make sure you don’t get suspended
  • New Lecture

Bonus : Traffic Secrets Module 2 (Google Listing Product Ads)

  • TS Module 2.1 Google Product Listing Ads IntroductionIntroduction into what’s needed for setting Google PLA’s
  • TS Module 2.2 Setting Up Your Adwords Account Live Walkthrough of setting up Google PLA’s correctly
  • TS Module 2.3 Setting Up Your First PLA Campaign How to set up your first successful PLA campaign

Bonus : Traffic Secrets Module 3 (Google Dynamic Retargeting)

  • TS Module 3.1 Google Dynamic Remarketing Introduction The secret sauce to getting visitors back to your site
  • TS Module 3.2 Google’s Boomerang Traffic How to get boomerang traffic back to your website at a fraction of the cost.
  • TS Module 3.3 Live Walkthrough of Setting Everything Up How to set up Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • TS Module 3.4 Google Dynamic Remarketing Code The needed code for Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • TS Module 3.5 Adwords vs. Analytics Remarketing Setting up Google Analytics Dynamic Remarketingrt

Bonus : Traffic Secrets Module 4 (Bing Advertising)

  • TS Module 4.1 Bing Advertising Introduction Introduction into what’s needed for setting Bing Advertising
  • TS Module 4.2 Bing Product Listing Ads Live Walkthrough of setting up Bing PLA’s correctly
  • TS Module 4.3 Set Up Your First Campaign How to set up your first successful Bing PLA campaign

Bonus : Traffic Secrets Module 5 (Search Engine Optimization)

  • TS Module 5.1 Search Engine Optimization Secrets This Is My Awesome Thingy Membership
  • TS Module 5.2 Search Engine Optimization Secrets Learn the secret sauce to SEO

Bonus Items

  • Built to Sell Bonuses You’ll get extra items to use to help you jump start your success
  • Books by Earnest Epps: To Read & Listen

Bonuses: Recorded Masterclass

  • Bonus Masterclass Accountability Success Chat
  • Live Masterclass (1)
  • Live Masterclass (2)
  • Live Masterclass (3)
  • Live Masterclass (4)
  • Live Masterclass (5)
  • Live Masterclass (6)
  • Extra Bonus Masterclass – MAP Suppliers, Customer Service, Long Term Success Strategies

Bonus: 7 Figure eCom Experts

  • Joanna Walters – Niche Selection Secrets
  • Leo Piero- Millionaire Mindset
  • Japreet – Building a Massive YouTube Tribe w/ Minority Mindset
  • John – SEO Ninja Knowledge from an OG
  • Sam England – SEO Hacks of Super Super Niche Websites
  • David Arsonaw – 7 Figure – eCom and Funnel Agency Expert
  • Tommie Traffic – Advertising Like A Boss
  • David and Norman Ferrar – 7 Figure Branding
  • Josh Marsden – FB Ads Long Term Success Strategies

Bonus: Conversion Optimization

  • Shoptimized -Bradley Long- Optimizing for Conversions
  • Tieron Spear – Double your eCom Conversion Rate
  • eCom Masters Club – Increasing Conversions with the Power of Gift Giving

Bonus: Google Ad Strategies

  • Jake Wilson – Google Shopping Ads Advance + CRO
  • Chris Hickman Google Ads Research Strategies, Competitive Analysis, and Q&A

Your Instructor

Earnest Epps is an International Speaker and eCommerce Expert, specializing in high ticket dropshipping. Earnest was once caged in a cubicle with an uneventful 9-to-5 life. But by employing some very simple methods, he ditched his day job and is now able to conduct business when and where he chooses, earning well over 7 figures annually from his eCommerce businesses. You can learn more about Earnest at

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