Dr. X SEO The Ultimate Advanced Local SEO Course


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Dr. X SEO – The Ultimate Advanced Local SEO Course

Introduction to the most Advanced Local SEO Course

We are now going to present you the crème de la crème of our current best working Local SEO techniques. These now are the most badass techniques in local SEO. Everyone we have shown it to, has been raving about it!!!!!

In this course we teach you everything you need to know how to automate user behavior signals and how you can do this without creating a pattern for Google. We’re going to show you 3 different strategies to use depending on the stage of ranking.

We refer to them as Blueprint Implementation Strategies:
It starts with the Gardener Strategy. This is when you’re not yet ranking and have a red/orange geogrid.

Then there’s the Surfer Strategy for medium level mixed red/orange/green geogrid.

Then finally, the Juggernaut strategy for the high level light green to dark green mixed geogrids.

You get an SOP so that anyone can implement it based on your stage of rankings.

You will get access to a spreadsheet that will help you precisely calculate how much traffic you need / what level of signals you will need to send for each stage of your campaign.

So with this course, we’re going to teach you how to use clicks and other user behavior methods to rank from start to finish.

Overview of the course

We will have reguar updates to the course as well

Module 1: Course introduction

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to Behavioral SEO
  • Useful tips when ing out
  • Why to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Module 2: Advanced Automated CTR Strategies

  • Introduction to Automated CTR Tool
  • Introduction to Advanced Automated CTR Techniques
  • Advanced Automated CTR Setup Strategies
  • Advanced Geolocations Setup Strategies

Module 3: Automated CTR Tool Instructional videos:

  • Basic Automated CTR Tool installation
  • Automated CTR Tool Basic Overview
  • Google Local Search Ranker Project
  • Google Maps Search Project
  • Knowledge Graph Interaction Traffic
  • Backlinks Referral Visits
  • How to find mobile vs desktop search percentage
  • Direct Website Visit
  • Bing and Yahoo Search
  • GMB Post (direct visit)
  • GMB Direct visit
  • Proxies setup settings
  • Daily & regular maintenance

Module 4: Advanced CTR SEO Techniques

  • Introduction to Advanced CTR SEO Techniques
  • Natural Local Guides Method
  • Creating your own CTR Network
  • Sending GMB Signals

Module 5: Advanced Local SEO Hacks

  • Introduction to Advanced Local SEO Hacks
  • Butt-Kiss Link Building Method
  • Cheap Call Tracking Method
  • GMB External Authority Method
  • GMB External Authority Method – Instructional Video
  • Image SEO – Power of Google Lens
  • Image SEO: Power of Google Lens – Instructional Video

Module 6 – Blueprint Implementation Strategies

  • Introduction to Blueprint Implementation Strategies
  • The Gardener Strategy
  • The Gardener Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • The Surfer Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • The Juggernaut Strategy
  • The Juggernaut Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • Using Google Trends to find Local Trends

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