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This Course is the first of it’s kind! Written and recorded 100% by HunterFX. I will teach you the exact methods in which I was able to develop my own strategy, along with my ACTUAL STRATEGY!

Have you been looking for a proven system that is able to offer you to offer a minimal drawdown and to make you money each and EVERY MONTH!

5 Institutional Strategies
You will get a step by step guide including images and instructions on how to execute the exact methods we use to make multiple 6 figure earners. Each method can be used in different situations.

Proven By Data
All strategies have been live tested for the past 4+ years by our mentors. You will get data on which pairs and time frames work best with each method. Along with exact expected results.

Naked Trading Knowledge
Pre-reading knowledge to teach you how to understand the fundamentals of trading without indicators. True price action trading.

You will be given a private community of like minded traders to talk to and ask questions to our mentors about the info you have learned.

Various tools to refine your trading to be sharp as a knife. Including risk management calculators, mindset help, and a log book.

Create Your Own
A guide on how to expand what you have learned into the future. You will end by learning how to create and test your own strategies.

How It Works
It’s Not Enough To Just Give Information
Unlike most courses that just give you the knowledge and then send you on your way to do things for yourself. HunterFX’s Most Woke Trading Methods provides proven process(backed by years of data), mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.

Step 1
Educate yourself on the prerequisite knowledge we offer within the course.

Step 2
Follow the easy, step by step, guide on how to find, execute, and manage each of the proven Forex trading methods.

Step 3
Repeat these methods over and over while withdrawing your huge profits.

Step 4
Take advantage of our community to ask questions, learn, or even teach!

Here’s A Summary Of Everything You Get

This is not your typical “course”. We provide you with everything you need to be successful.

HunterFX’s Most Woke Trading Methods
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5 Strategies: Used By Our Professional 6 Figure Traders

Step By Step: Easy To Follow Instructions

Proven Data: Collected From Past 4+ Years

Risk Management: Tutorial

Pre-Reading: Naked Trading Market Knowledge

Community: Ask Our Mentors Questions

Mind Set: Control Your Emotions

Create Your Own: Guide & Tools To Create Your Own Strategies

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