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Welcome to Nightly Patterns! – Overnight Trading

This futures trading room focusses on high leverage Overnight Trading with futures:

“Just open the trade at the close and, if not stopped, close it at the open.”

One of the main advantages of the Nightly Patterns trading style is that it gives traders the opportunity to trade at a specific time, avoiding constant market screening. Furthermore, it allows traders to keep their money in cash during the day, making it possible to add Overnight Trading to other Intraday Trading strategies. Its unique time horizon makes this trading style completely uncorrelated to most other strategies, leading to superior portfolio diversification.

To download the results excel sheet follow this link: TRADING RESULTS

Have a look at my over 400 PATTERNS library following this link: PATTERNS LIBRARY

This picture shows NIGHTLY PATTERNS’ backtested equity growth back to 1993:


Below you can see total gains and net gains with live trades since October 2012:

december 2020

I considered Interactive Brokers fees of $0.85 per trade per contract.

If you find something better, (including costs and fees) just write me. I’m always looking for new strategies to add to my portfolio.


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