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This Is What’s Working With Digital Advertising Today helps entrepreneurs, media buyers, and marketing agency owners to make ads pay!

Get proven strategies, processes, and systems being used RIGHT NOW on every major ad network to create & scale profitable ads…

You’ll also get help implementing these strategies into your advertising from our founder, Jason Hornung.

Profiting From Ads Isn’t Wizardry. It’s Basic Science & Simple Math. gives you simple frameworks and formulas that lead to massive results.
Our teachers and students are in the trenches, optimizing and scaling profits every day, not wasting time on things that don’t matter.

We help overwhelmed & overloaded people doing ads

This is the vast majority of advertisers today. They follow tons of “gurus” spouting off the latest do-hickey funnel whiz banger new ad trick of the month… Constantly shifting from one idea to the next – never seeing anything to completion. They’re confused, lose money on ads or never even start because they think advertising online is “just a scam”.

Become calm & calculated professional media buyers

This is the rare person in the digital advertising space. They focus on creating ads and offers which provide value to their audience. They cut out all the “guru” noise and build things for helping their customers. They stick to plans, follow instructions, and win consistent daily profits with advertising.

Here’s How It Works. gives you everything you need to be profitable with digital advertising.

No fluff. No B.S. You’ll get straight to the point training videos, ad templates, funnel templates, and expert guidance so you can make your ads pay, today! Even if you’ve never run an ad before…

Proven Methodology

We took all the guesswork out of creating and scaling profitable ad campaigns. You follow step-by-step instructions battle-tested with $30 million in profitable spending.

Constant Updating

Ad networks change fast! We’re publishing multiple new videos weekly so you can stay on top of what’s making money with ads now.

Expert Mentorship

The devil is in the details. Success comes from applying the tactics and strategies you’ll learn to the specifics of your scenario. Get 24/7 access to world class advertising experts in our private Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&A’s and email.

Media Buyer Community

Many of the world’s leading media buyers, advertisers and marketing agency owners are proud members of AOA Profit Society. You’ll be able to collaborate, get advice, make new connections and grow with like minded people.

Why Does Work, When Others Fail?

Most advertising courses teach basic pre-publish skills like setting up campaigns or creating an ad.
This creates clueless advertisers who don’t understand the big picture and can’t fix problems when
they go wrong once a campaign is live. To create and scale profitable ads consistently, you need
to have the “full stack” of pre-publish & post-publish skills.

Here’s Why You Need The Profit Playbook To Succeed With Scaling Your Ad Profits Today:

  • You’ll NEVER have to worry about how to write a profitable ad! Copy one of the dozens of proven templates you’ll get. Each of these templates is a winner and has worked in many industries – most likely – including yours.
  • You can by-pass being a “techie”! If you can click a mouse, you can launch profitable campaigns right from the start. Click – Publish – Cash. Remember that sequence because it’s about to become real for you.
  • You DON’T need any previous experience! Follow the step by step videos, use the workbooks, scripts, checklists AND coaching you’ll get. In fact, our experience shows the less you know, the less you need to unlearn.
  • You can start with small budgets! The Profit Playbook strategies start with as little as $5/day. These campaigns let you dial in your winners without risking cash. Heck, I’m conservative with MY money. I’m even more conservative with yours.
  • You WON’T get stuck! Use the Playbook strategy guide and coaching you’ll get to blast through any problems so you can profit. This works regardless of niche and doesn’t matter that the “professionals” couldn’t make it work for you.
  • You can start earning an income, even if you currently do NOT have a business! – Follow the simple 7 Figure Agency Blueprint training. You’ll get to start from nothing like so many have done already. They find the advertising so much fun (Yes fun) they want to do it full time. After all, racking up win after win for clients is a great feeling.
  • You’ll learn how to make ads for EVERY MAJOR AD platform – Facebook, Google, YouTube and more! You’ll have multiple sources of income and can scale up profitably on any one (or all) of them.

For The Right Person This Is A No-Brainer Offer, I Guarantee It!

  • The strategies you’ll receive have been tested and proven. They are currently being deployed in the market ON EVERY MAJOR AD NETWORK.
  • Plus, you’ll get my direct help with implementing them on a daily basis.
  • For the right person, the AOA Profit Society will PAY FOR ITSELF over and over.
  • In fact, I guarantee you’ll make at least 5x your investment in the AOA Profit Society over the next 365 days.
  • If for some reason you follow our instructions and you you don’t hit this goal, just let us know and we’ll promptly refund you.
  • You’ll get to keep any materials you’ve downloaded as a gift.
  • What are you waiting for?

Fast Forward to Profits

It’s 30 days from now. Your investment has paid you back several times over. You’ve seen multiple successes with your campaigns.

You’re seeing more sales, more clients, more successes and ultimately more happiness. People who watched you suffer when you lost money in the past are stunned by your success.

For the first time, you’re realizing that you can exceed even your greatest hopes for your business.

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