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Ready To Make The Greatest Contributions In The World, In Your Relationships, And In Your Business?

I’ll Show You How To Build Momentum, Unshakeable Confidence, And Eliminate Overwhelm With The Momentum Masterclass

If you feel like you’re not living your life, running your business, and maintaining your relationships at the highest level, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

As entrepreneurs, we have the entire world coming at us, leaving many of us dealing with high pressure and noise and possibly even feeling completely overwhelmed.

Turning it off is impossible.  Let’s be honest, you really don’t even want to turn it off.

That isn’t enough for us.

Even with everything we have to work through on a daily basis, we’ve made the decision that we want to have a massive positive impact on the world and still keep our health, our relationships, and our business in momentum at the same time.

For many of us, white-knuckling and forcing ourselves to work through the pressure and noise that surrounds us is all too common.

I see it all the time with coaching students from all walks of life, levels of wealth, and experience.

For years, I’ve been obsessed with not only understanding what the most successful entrepreneurs are doing to make the greatest contributions in the world, but taking what they do and implementing into my own life and the lives of my students.

The Momentum Masterclass was born out of a necessity. Not only for me to show up and be present for my family, my team, and in my business and my life, but to help other people just like us see how they can achieve the same things — and how they’re probably already on the road to doing it.

What most entrepreneurs lack is a proven system that helps them eliminate overwhelm in their lives, offload where they’re uncomfortable, and build empowered teams that see the vision and help you reach your ultimate destination.

We need a proven system that can be customized to our own goals and desires, instead of a one-size-fits-all program that tries to fit us into a nice, neat box that only ends up creating more overwhelm.

One that takes your unique challenges and lets you build the system around what you’re facing right now in your life, your relationships, your health, and your path to creating wealth.

The Momentum Masterclass is the system I use not only in my own life, but the system that my successful 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure entrepreneur clients use in their lives, too.

Here are a few promises I’ll make to you right now…

  • The Momentum Masterclass will help you see how to get more done every day…. while reducing overwhelm, offload where you’re uncomfortable, and empowers you to make your greatest contributions in life, your health, your business, and your relationships.
  • You will learn how to get into momentum (even if you’ve been in momentum before and feel like you’ve lost it), while getting crystal clear on your long-term goals, and building an actionable path to take you from where you’re at right now to your ultimate end-goal.
  • You will have the tools to completely customize the Momentum Masterclass to your unique strengths.  I’ve tried a lot of programs and performed exhaustive research, and I know that a one-size-fits-all program just doesn’t work for people like us.
  • I will give you the systems, processes, and strategies that have been proven successful by countless entrepreneurs who have come before you to make forward progress in every area of your life without having any other area suffer and fall apart.
  • You will have the same planning system I use to track my progress and measure my success so you effectively reduce the pressure and noise in your life and become more productive than you may believe is possible right now.
  • The clear direction and guidance you need to become a transformational leader, more aware, more present, and more focused, so you can set priorities, grow your business, manage your life, and take care of yourself without feeling overwhelmed

The Goals For The Momentum Masterclass Are Simple:

  • To help you achieve your life’s purpose without letting people around you down.
  • ​To understand exactly what you should be doing at any time, in order to create the greatest momentum.
  • ​To obtain perfect clarity around your priorities and create certainty in how you plan every day.
  • To help you understand (and visualize) that everything you’re doing right now is moving you closer to your long-term goals.
  • ​To create laser focus to better understand the progress you’re making towards your greater outcomes.
  • ​To give you a community of people just like us, who see the world the way we do, and are moving forward in momentum every day.
  • ​To create better connections with your spouse, your children, your team, your business partners, your clients, and end the worry that you’ll let any of them down
  • ​To step into the voice telling you that you’re capable of so much more, with a proven system to help you tap into the innate ability you have to do more, and be more.

You Truly Can Have It All…

It really is possible for you to achieve everything you want in your business and obtain congruency in your life, so everything you do works to influence other areas of your life as you move forward.

I’ll help you understand the best practices and principles followed by some of the greatest entrepreneurs alive and throughout history.  I’ll teach you the exact tactics and techniques used by billionaires to reverse engineer your greatest success.

By the end of the Momentum Masterclass, you will have created your unique step-by-step blueprint to achieve higher entrepreneurial success, optimize your health, your physiology, your relationships, your business, and your outlook, so you can immediately create momentum.

This isn’t a brand new, untested program.

I have countless success stories from people, just like us, who have gone through the Momentum Masterclass with amazing success stories.

This isn’t a system I’ve thrown together because I think it sounds good.

I use the exact processes you’ll learn in my own life.  My wife uses them, my kids use them, my 8-figure and 9-figure clients use them.

The Momentum Masterclass is based off real-world experience.

Listen to what just a few of my successful students are saying about the power of working with me.

The Zero Risk Guarantee I’m Giving You…

I’ve built this course for a very unique type of entrepreneur at a certain place in their life.  I understand completely if the strategies, techniques, systems, and processes that I teach aren’t for you.

This program is built specifically for helping:

  • ​Entrepreneurs who run a team, or are on one.
  • ​Contractors and freelancers.
  • ​Artists and creators.
  • ​Authors and speakers.
  • ​Leadership teams and executives.
  • ​Programmers and engineers.
  • ​Athletes and trainers.
  • ​Practitioners and physicians.
  • ​Couples who work together, and couples who don’t.
  • ​Any one of us who wants to optimize our bodies, our minds, and our chemistry.

The Momentum Masterclass isn’t for everyone, I understand that.

If, after joining, you decide that the program cannot live up to the promises that I’ve made to you here, simply reach out to us within the first 30 days and let me know that you want a full refund.  We’ll happily return your entire purchase price, no hassles, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose by trying the Momentum Masterclass today.

In fact, I think you have a lot to lose by not seeing how powerful the training is and understanding exactly how I can help you make a massive positive impact on the world, like so many others before you.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of each module inside of the Momentum Masterclass.

Module #1 – How To Reawaken Your Natural Thirst (Click to Close)

Water is absolutely vital to our success.

It seems so simple and unimportant to most people, but the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are absolutely obsessed with water.

The fastest way to drive towards momentum is proper hydration — it affects your metabolism, blood sugar, digestion, brain function, hormone creation, lubes your joints, keeps your cardiovascular system running, hydrates your lungs, helps with your breathing, circulation, your heart, and more.

Dehydration causes stomach issues, blood issues, pain, cognition, depression, toxicity, acne, premature aging.

Module #1 will help you learn how to reawaken your natural thirst instinct so your body functions at the high level you’re trying to achieve in your life, your relationships, your health, and your business.

In it, you’re going to discover:

  • ​The exact science behind why consuming anything other than water will keep you away from your body’s natural bliss point — where you will be turned off by tasting sweets and be able to immediately feel the negative effects of consuming them.
  • How properly managing your bliss point will have you avoiding restaurants with over-stimulating foods, so you naturally order the right foods without thinking twice about it, so that you can fuel your body’s natural desire to thrive.
  • ​How to take your metabolism back to the point where we, as evolutionary hunters, were meant to live.
  • ​Why devoting 10 days to proper hydration can ensure you get into momentum, detoxify your body, boost your metabolism.
  • ​The 3 tactics I use to hyper-hydrate that will absolutely change your life.
  • ​Why getting up to use the bathroom is actually good for your body, how you’re causing your body huge damage right now, and why frequent urination is actually a great thing for your momentum.
  • ​How to deal with the symptoms of dehydration detox and the simple, but highly effective, breathing system you can use to remind your body that you’re not in fight or flight mode.

Module #1 will have you feeling better, looking better, have more energy, more momentum, a greater connection between your mind and body, and sets the foundation for the rest of the Momentum Masterclass.

Module #2 – Why We Don’t “Fit In” — And Why That’s Great For Us

Before you can get into momentum, you need to understand yourself, understand others, and realize how you are wired different than most people — then learn how to capitalize on those differences to make the biggest impact on the world around you.

In Module #2, you’re going to see why everything you’ve been taught focuses on your deficits to make you think you’re not good enough — and the brand new approach that focuses on your strengths so you can capitalize on them to build momentum.
In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​Why every billionaire I’ve worked with could be diagnosed with ADD, and how those traits — which are normally seen as a deficit — actually work to help entrepreneurs change the world, when they’re in momentum.
  • ​Why entrepreneurs have such a hard time applying what they’ve learned in school, get called daydreamers, are “checked out” in most situations that don’t play an active role in where they’ve set their sights.
  • ​How future planning when you’re dealing with high pressure and noise only leads to anxiety and frustration, and drags you backwards.  And how to break through the pressure and noise to process your situation so you can push forward even more.
  • ​How 1 simple question helped Bill Gates move forward from using a system that kept people far enough away from his office that they couldn’t hear him screaming into becoming devoted to finding a cure for malaria today.
  • ​Why modern psychiatry can’t understand innate motivation and try to prescribe drugs to shut it off.
  • ​The 5 currencies you need to properly manage to become a natural leader that’s magnetic, effectively persuasive, leveraged, and intentional.
  • ​Why so many entrepreneurs invest in maintaining appearances, when their life is full of pressure and noise.  Why we act super goofy and kill momentum in the process.
  • ​Why the world around language and feelings totally screws with us, why we don’t work in the world of emotions and feelings, and how we only operate in the quest for momentum.
  • ​Why entrepreneurs don’t know how to get excited and have fun, and only understand the euphoria of being in momentum — where everything falls into place and we’re energized.
  • ​Why so many entrepreneurs resort to drugs and alcohol to shut off the pressure and noise, and how to naturally address pressure and noise to avoid unhealthy addictions and obsessions.
  • ​The Contribution Equation that shows you exactly how and why money flows to contribution, and why tackling the entrepreneur’s biggest dilemma helps us make the greatest contributions.
  • ​Why evolution has programmed us to feel guilty if we’re not in momentum and why we do crazy things to get that release (hunt, race cars, skydiving, etc).
  • ​How to understand the overwhelm equation so you can effortlessly turn overwhelm into unshakable confidence.
  • ​What I’ve learned about working with some of the wealthiest, most successful people in the world — how they have more weaknesses than most people, but they double down on where they’re finding momentum.

 Module #3 – How To Make Your Business Congruent With Your Vision

Until your personal mission is completely aligned with your business, neither will reach its full potential.

Entrepreneurs that have obtained congruency are financially successful, successful in their lives, in their health, relationships with their family, and are truly happy on a day to day basis, in momentum, and excited about what they’re doing.

When your personal and business potential are aligned, they can reach new heights.

Module #3 will help you define success in your life, reduce operational drag, and reduce pressure and noise.  That’s when people like us create maximum outcomes and the greatest changes in the world.

In it, you’re going to learn: 

  • ​Why the myths that most business owners believe aren’t true, and why entrepreneurs who are trying to make $1 million a year are setting themselves up for failure — and what you should be doing instead.
  • ​How to become a transformational leader — one who has presence and awareness to empower those who follow you to reach their full potential.  The type of leader that walks into a room and people take notice.  People like Jobs, Gates, Buffet, Brinn, and Page.
  • ​How to create your client-centric company mission — the mission that is driven by the movement you service that’s clearly defined, inspirational, so your team understands it and your clients understand how your business will change their lives.
  • ​The 9 levels of the Billionaire Code that shows you each transition in our lives that actually hurts us, and keeps us from moving forward — so you can understand the level you’re at, why you’re stuck, and what you need to be doing to move forward to the next level.

 Module #4 – Pressure & Noise — The Personal Momentum Killer

When we experience a loss of forward progress — a loss of momentum — because of pressure and noise, we go out looking for answers.  This often leaves us identifying our deficits and where we’re going wrong.

The negative line of thought sends us into loops and spirals that keep us from becoming successful.  Issues and problems begin to grow,  and our behaviors become more challenging, all because the patterns in our lives aren’t being addressed.

Module #4 will teach you where and why these negative loops and spirals start, how to identify them and stop them from happening, and where the biggest foundational issues and challenging loops happen in our lives so we can properly address them.

In it, you’re going to see:

  • ​The simplest way to lower the pressure and noise, to get clear, to raise awareness, and get a higher level of vision and perception — so you get year’s worth of shortcuts in a very short period of time to move the fastest and furthest in your life.
  • ​The equation for identifying foundational issues in your life — the equation that most motivational speakers and information products will never attempt to address.
  • ​3 specific ways to categorize the pressure and noise in your life to provide unparalleled insight so you can move forward the fastest — proven to help create alignment in yourself, your relationships, and the alignment between you and your business.
  • ​The 3 key factors that can transform your confusion into clarity, understand what confusion is holding you back from, and how it really makes you feel so you can understand what’s happening to gain leverage over it.

Module #5 – Create Confidence, Clarity, And Effortless Commitment

The key to reaching peak potential and stay in momentum as an entrepreneur is to identify the real costs of the challenges we face.

By going through the Momentum Masterclass, you’ll have the level of understanding about the biggest opportunities in your own life that very few people will ever have.

Module #5 is the worksheet that will build on everything you’ve undertaken so far to identify the true cost of the foundational issues that you’re personally dealing with — in your finances, your health, your relationships, your business, and your team.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​How to discover what you truly want and create a clear path for you to get it — rather than adding more things to your to do list or list of dreams, you’ll identify the biggest opportunity for you to move forward in your life right now.
  • ​Why knowing what you want to achieve isn’t enough — and how to define exactly what success looks like to you.
  • ​The exercises to bring your forward looking statement to life, solidify your objective, and activate your mind to attract those objectives — this moves you forward with a real, defined target that you’ll know when you have it.
  • ​The custom formula that we each have to create success — so you can see how you’ve already created momentum in the past and how to replicate it in the present.

Module #6 – Forward Planning For True Momentum

Momentum based planning helps you forward plan and build a path from where you want to be in your life to what you tactically execute today.

When entrepreneurs do this, everything changes.

The biggest challenges forward planning systems have is that they focus on the day to day and we get caught up in the details of the calendar.  We don’t live for the present.  We go out to the future, create a better today, and then demand that it becomes real.

Module #6 will introduce you to a different type of planning system because what works for the rest of the world doesn’t work for us.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​How to close the contribution gap and visualize the model so you can understand where to make corrections and see exactly how forward planning is going to work for you.
  • How the Planning Lenses will work for you to help create momentum and understand exactly what you should be doing at any given time — by defining your mission, your objectives, your targets, your goals, your weekly reports, and plan your daily intentions.
  • Creating 90 day targets that you can crush to bridge the gap between the long-term and the day to day — so you’re creating the structure to set you up to win instead of massive goals that are impossible to comprehend.
  • ​How to assemble the Personal Waterfall that takes you from your long-term goals to your daily solitude so you can stop asking yourself “where am I going” and have the path clearly defined — the path that’s unique to you, your business, relationships, and health.

Module #7 – The Momentum Planner For People Like Us

There’s one major problem with traditional planners.

People like you and I can’t have to do lists.  They become “to die lists”.

We write something on the to do list and it sits there day, after day, until we die.  We never fully use the entire system in those planners because they’re not built for people like us.

In Module #7, you’re going to discover the first planning system designed specifically for entrepreneurial personality types — the system I’ve used forever and teach my private clients to use.

It’s so effective that my friends and family even use it.

In this module, you’re going to learn:

  • ​How to assign resources and make commitments on a weekly basis so you can plan your days to find solitude — the place where the rubber meets the road and you start effectively making consistent progress.
  • ​How to create your focus and intentions, offload where you’re uncomfortable, and make sure you’re achieving on a daily basis so you can move forward with the highest level of momentum possible.
  • ​The checklist you’ll use to close out every single day, take inventory of your progress, and plan for the next morning’s solitude so you can ensure you’ve accomplished your intentions and monitor your daily momentum.
  • ​How to setup your planner so you’re focused and energized like the successful entrepreneurs that have come before you that have already fallen in love with this system — it’s like creating the gas pedal you’ll want to stomp through the floor.

Module #8 – Hit The Ground Running

I’ve spent years of my life dissecting how the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with and studied are able to get more done in the day.

The results?

I’ve found they have intentional morning routines that help them reduce reactivity and increase productivity so they get more done by 9am than most other people accomplish in an entire day.

The people who changed the world didn’t just have morning routines — they had obsessive routines, where they were obsessed with doing the exact same things every morning.

Module #8 will show you exactly how to stop reactivity in your life and create productivity so you avoid being in fight or flight mode all day — to keep your body from thinking that it’s in a constant state of emergency.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​The negative habits that set your day up for failure that most people are doing within the first 30 minutes after waking up — without realizing the impacts these habits have on the rest of their day.
  • The essential steps you’ll follow to make your new morning routine a part of your life — without having to “memorize” anything, so it becomes natural for you to do when you wake up each morning.
  • ​What you need to avoid, what you need to do, and the hacks you can use to build out your morning routine to ensure it’s as effective as possible — and the worksheet to help you track your progress.
  • ​How to empower your kids with a morning routine so they jump out of bed and get ready to tackle the day without having any input from you or your spouse — so you can focus on your own morning routine.

Module #9 – How To Build Momentum In Your Sleep

When it comes to morning routines, there is a ton of information available — including the proven new approach you’re going to learn in the Momentum Masterclass.

What most systems and courses don’t cover, though, is your evening routine.

Every element in the Momentum Masterclass is designed to support you in 3 different ways — physiologically, cognitively, and chemically.  That’s why sleep is so critical for your success.

Sleep is the ultimate biohack, so the more efficiently you sleep the better you’re going to perform the next day.

Module #9 is going to teach you the right way to focus on your evening routine, so you close out the day in a way that helps you build momentum in your sleep.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​How to create new perspectives and rewire how you think, so you can show more gratitude to the world, document your daily wins, and measure your day’s success in a way that improves the chemical processes in your body — the momentum chemicals.
  • ​The final steps you need to take each night and why your body’s programming requires you to go outside for a few minutes before you go to sleep.
  • ​How to hack your dreams by addressing nagging problems and letting your subconscious (or less than conscious) mind take control so the problem is solved by the time you wake up in the morning.
  • ​How to optimize your sleep to get the most effective sleep possible and how indigenous people teach us that society has gotten “sleep” wrong for so long.
  • How to keep the natural Circadian rhythms in our body tuned to ensure we have the right chemicals flowing through our neurosystems at the right time each day, and why I wear glasses to help keep these rhythms in sync.

Module #10 – Track, Compare, Improve

Measurement is uncomfortable because it’s a rolling critique of how we’re doing.  However, for people like us, measuring the right things in the right way is critical.

When you start running a business or try to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you start to realize that metrics are just another part of the game — they’re our scorecard.

Understanding your metrics and properly measuring them will change everything in your life and give you momentum.

Module #10 is going to break down exactly what you need to be tracking in your life and in your business, how to properly track and compare, and how to continuously improve so you tap into your evolutionary hunter instincts.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​Why I hired one of the toughest running coaches alive, the type of training she put me through, and the measurement that I used under her coaching to tap into my body’s natural need to run and stay in motion.
  • ​What Parkinson’s Law is, and how this essay from 1957 can teach you exactly why introducing bureaucracy in your life will slow you down — and how to combat it so you grow your business and get more done every day.
  • Why so many entrepreneurs want to earn $1 million but will never actually achieve that goal, and the one approach to take towards your business that guarantees you’ll make a positive impact on the world — and the worksheet to help you track your level of impact.
  • How to avoid the fight or flight instinct when you think about budgeting, and the worksheet you can use to put guardrails in place so the Universe gives you more — simply because you overcame your fight or flight instinct.
  • ​How to track the physiological, cognitive, and chemical changes in your body so you can see that the program is giving you visible results — dramatically changing the way you look at yourself and how the world perceives you.

Module #11 – The New View On Meditation

Most people have an unfair definition of meditation.

It gets explained in such an obscure way that causes people who don’t actually meditate to become intimidated just by hearing the word.

True meditation isn’t world changing, heart stopping practices that requires you to completely stop what you’re doing.

It’s about getting to a place where you feel some contrast so you can calm your body, increase your awareness, increase your oxygenation, and become more present.

Module #11 completely redefines meditation, using methods that I learned from watching a Buddhist monk “flatline” his heart on a monitor by slowing his breathing and heart rate to a point that it was impossible for machines to pick it up.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​The strategies behind combining two words that you’ll probably never hear together outside of the Momentum Masterclass — tactical and meditation — and the 3 types of tactical meditation to prepare yourself for anything you’ll do.
  • The 3 devices you can use to scientifically prove the benefits of tactical meditation on your mind and body, and see how you’re increasing your awareness, increasing your oxygenation, improving your breathing, and your flexibility — the ultimate indicator of how long you’re going to survive.
  • ​The 5 levels of breathing, how they tie into the 5 levels of leadership, and how using them to lower pressure and noise leaves us more present, our breathing more relaxed and effortless.
  • ​How to avoid high-chest, clavicular breathing that leads you feeling tensed and panicked, even if you were conditioned to breathe this way through societal pressures.

Module #12 – Your Primal Foot

A very small percentage of people are actually born with feet issues.  However, 75% of people will experience feet issues at some point in their lives.

When you stop and think about how much your feet are exposed, how much feedback you’re getting from them, and your foot’s physiology, you realize how complex this control system really is.

And we’re putting that system in constraint simply by putting shoes on.

In the average day, you’re putting tons of force on your feet and are keeping them constrained in a way where they’re not actually able to provide the feedback that the largest sensory control system in our body requires.

Module #12 will help you understand how critical your feet are, and take your body from challenged to giving you an unfair advantage.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​How your feet are the gateway to optimization, and how I’ve gone from having “genetic diseases and disorders” to eliminating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other issues just by paying attention to my feet.
  • Why therapists are now using foot stimulation exercises to increase awareness, increase calmness, and help children diagnosed with autism and ADHD feel more present, focused, and help them function — and what this means for people like us.
  • ​How standing on flat ground all of the time is actually limiting our stimulation and placing us in constraint — and how examining reflexology and podiatry lays out the maps for how our feet tie into the rest of the regions of our body.
  • Why sitting is the new smoking, and wearing shoes is only making this new phenomenon even worse — and how even wearing $200 pairs of shoes that are designed to enhance our performance are actually damaging our momentum.

Module #13 – Primal Foot Tactical Flexibility And Feet Training

Our feet are one of our biggest sources of momentum and physical ability — yet most people fail to give them the attention they deserve.

Our feet drive flexibility and are one of the most sensitive parts of our body.  They give us spacial relationships, increase our cognitive abilities, and even spark new creativity (according to some).

Module #13 is going to show you how critical your foot health really is, how you can find signs of your overall health in your feet, and the steps you can take right now to begin healing symptoms you feel throughout the rest of your body.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • How shoes are destroying our posture, causing extra stress on our body — and why our bodies were never actually designed to wear shoes in the first place.
  • ​Why most people have forgotten how to walk, and how to use the Primal Walk to reawaken your body, your flexibility, your physiology, and even get a runner’s high just from taking a short walk a few times per week.
  • ​The tool you can use to instantly check for bad posture and the technique you can use to get your body realigned into a natural Primal Posture so you start standing up straight, ready to take on the world in front of you.
  • ​How to reverse the effects of slouching behind a desk, holding our heads down staring at a phone, and dormant tissues in our feet that cause reduced circulation and effectiveness of our nervous tissue to reawaken our feet — the body part with the highest pressure and noise.

Module #14 – Our Nutritional Evolution & Elimination

This could be one of the most emotional and difficult sections of the entire Momentum Masterclass, but it’s one of the most important aspects of your life.

Everything that you put into your mind and body has an emotional and hormonal effect.

Module #14 helps you understand how our nutrition has evolved and gotten to the point where more people are having heart attacks, strokes, and dying of cancer far younger than ever before, and what you can do to not only prevent this stress on your body, but get your body to thrive in environments that are stacked against you .

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​The difference between surviving and thriving, and why your body’s natural healing instincts are begging you to help it get into thrive mode — not just for your momentum, but for your long-term health.
  • The toxicity threshold, what it is, and how my exhaustive research has led to me discovering why some of us can eat something and feel zero symptoms while others can have a taste of the same food and feel accelerated, brain fog, and have difficulty thinking and forming logical thoughts.
  • ​How food manufacturers are manipulating us, tricking our evolutionary triggers to overeat sweet foods, and how to naturally get much needed energy, a boost of phytonutrients, kick to our metabolism, boosted immune system, and more.
  • How to eliminate the foods being created by the same companies that are responsible for creating nerve gases and chemical agents — and the real truth behind where “artificial sweeteners” came from.  Hint: they were originally designed to kill people.

Module #15 – Unique, Specific Nutrition Optimization

The current food paradigm is incredibly broken.

We’re taught to count macros, count carbs, fats, and proteins, and it’s destroying our momentum, creating chronic issues like brain fog, body aches and pains, being irritable, poor sleeping habits, and so much more.

Module #15 helps you take what you learned in the previous model and continually optimize your nutrition so you’re not just “dieting” — you’re

creating long-term eating habits that keep you in momentum, feeling great, looking great, and being fully present for yourself, your family, your friends, and your team.

In it, you’re going to learn:

  • ​Why, even if you’re the best calorie counter in the world, you’re still not going to get the right amount of calories every day — and how our bodies simply aren’t designed for calorie counting.
  • How to lower risk and increase reward so your body naturally wants to thrive instead of conserve resources, store fats, and lower your metabolism — and how to create sustainable habits to reawaken your body’s natural hunger.
  • ​How society has allowed food manufacturers to use more chemicals and reduce the nutrient value in our foods, and identify which foods work for your specific body so you can confidently eat what you want and reject foods that aren’t fueling momentum.
  • ​How to become aware of your body’s reactions to the man-made chemicals in your food using scientific readings to guarantee that you’re not just guessing — so you can figure out which foods your body needs to keep you in momentum.

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