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Transform Into An Elite Copywriter With “The Midas Touch” In Just 4 Weeks

For most businesses (including here at DigitalMarketer) copywriting is and will continue to be an in-demand skill for one main reason…

Elite copywriting has the power to turn words into gold. 

In Greek Mythology, King Midas had a special power where everything he touched turned to gold.

In the business world, when someone is incredibly skilled and seems to make money from every project or venture they’re a part of, we say they have the “Midas touch”.

It’s the difference between a mediocre copywriter and an elite copywriter. If the words you write are ok but don’t make the cash register ring, you’re going to hit an income ceiling you can’t break through simply because you won’t be able to justify why you should be highly paid.

No gold, no glory.

But, develop The Midas touch of an elite copywriter, and 6-figures will be just the beginning of your income and revenue-generating potential.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing together for 4 weeks in the Copywriting Mastery Accelerator!

Develop The 5 Skills of a 6-Figure Copywriter

Skill #1: Write with a well-crafted strategy
In session one, you’ll be learning how to understand and strategize not just what you want your audience to do next (subscribe, purchase, engage, etc.), but how to write strategic copy from the perspective of who exactly your audience is and where they’re at in the Customer Value Journey.

Skill #2: Ability to write for all major mediums
Throughout this Accelerator, you’ll learn how to supercharge your emails, ads, videos, landing pages, and social media posts with powerful copywriting that commands action!

Skill #3: Write with speed & accuracy (yes, that includes using AI!)
Whether you’re trying to come up with good email subject lines, sales pages, or TikTok ads, you’re going to learn how to start with proven formulas to make your copy more effective and the process more efficient.

And in session two, you’ll get a complete breakdown of how to use AI for copywriting that is not only faster to write, but a level up from the rest!

Skill #4: Track & Measure Results
If you want to become a 6-figure copywriter, you’ll need to understand how to prove your work is producing winning offers and increased revenues.

In session seven, we’ll be diving into how to develop, track, and measure key metrics to prove the effectiveness of your copywriting.

Skill #5: Style, Persuasion, and Optimization
Getting the right people to take the right action you want them to take is easier said than done…but we’re going to unlock all of our best copywriting secrets for you in session eight so you’ll know exactly how to optimize your copy for amplified results.

If you’re ready to take your copywriting and income to the next level, this is for you…


The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator

A hands-on, live mentorship program with Mark de Grasse for people who want to Become a 6-Figure Copywriter. Here’s what you’ll receive starting August 31st when the program begins:

  • Expert coaching over the program to help you stay motivated and consistent
  • Ongoing access to the 8-module the Copywriting Mastery Accelerator curriculum for your cohort
  • 8+ live sessions for Q&A, small group workshops, assignment reviews, and more
  • Certificate of Completion with your personal details and your employer will be able to verify its authenticity.
  • Special guest “6-Figure Copywriting” instructors all from different industries and businesses will share their stories and best tips
  • Access to the member-only online community to share progress, get support, and network with fellow members
  • The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator matrix suite of templates and tools including fill-in-the-blank worksheets and swipe files
  • Our Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist certification so that you can proudly display that you are certified.
  • private Slack channel so you can get support from your peers and reach out to the DigitalMarketer team anytime you have a question.

Is The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator Right For You?

  1. You’re looking for actionable copywriting methods, tactics, and tools to level up your skill set
  2. You’re a marketer looking to increase your income by adding in-demand, valuable copywriting skills to your tool belt
  3. You’re a business owner who wants to produce more winning offers, generate more sales, and increase net profit
  4. You know copywriting is powerful, but you haven’t been getting results like you know you could be
  5. You want to feel inspired with your marketing again, and get energized with proven formulas and techniques that stand the test of time
  6. You’re familiar with copywriting, but want to become great at it

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