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INTRODUCING… The Social Strategy Bootcamp

A hands-on, live mentorship program with DigitalMarketer’s President, Mark de Grasse and a hand-selected group of channel-specific social media experts for people who want to become or want one of their team members to become a Social Media Strategist. Here’s what you’ll receive starting April 13th when the program begins:

  • Expert coaching over the program to help you stay motivated and consistent
  • Ongoing access to live sessions for Q&A, assignment reviews, and more
  • Certificate of Completion with your personal details and your employer will be able to verify its authenticity.
  • Channel-specific expert guests to show you exactly what’s working on all major platforms
  • Access to the member-only online community to share progress, get support, and network with fellow members
  • The Social Matrix suite of templates and tools including fill-in-the-blank worksheets and swipe files
  • Our Social Media Mastery certification so that you can proudly display that you are a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist
  • private Slack channel so you can get support from your peers and reach out to the DigitalMarketer team anytime you have a question.

How It Works

DigitalMarketer’s Social Strategy Bootcamp is as challenging as it is rewarding. Each unit is taught by an industry expert and facilitated (virtually) each week by a live instructor in a true, small group, classroom-style format.

You and your fellow students will complete course trainings and “mini-projects” as well as participate in group discussions relating the course material to real-life business scenarios.

Those who successfully complete the Bootcamp will emerge with a ready-to-deploy 90-day social media plan.

Here’s how the course itself will be delivered:

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll attend a live training session with the instructor at 2:30 pm Central. Trainings will be recorded and available within 24 hours for all students that are unable to make the live call. During these sessions, we’ll also kick off a discussion thread where you’ll be asked to apply course information to a real-world business scenario.

Your instructor will also provide you with weekly coursework which can be reviewed during office hours on Tuesdays.

Throughout the course, we may also be welcoming special guest instructors that will host bonus sessions for all members. The dates and times of these sessions are subject to change based on the availability of the guests and a fully published schedule will be provided to you during kickoff week.

Who Should Enroll

Social Media Managers

Looking for strategies to enhance their content and scheduling, and to calculate ROI on their efforts.

Marketing Professionals

That want to expand their skill set and knowledge in social media.

Content Creators

Looking to effectively utilize social media to drive sales.


Who want to offer more comprehensive and effective services to their clients.


Ready to systemize their social strategy so they can hire someone and hand it off.

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