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The BPM Method for Facebook Ads

[Dominate] & Scale
The BPM Method combines the power of branding, with the expert execution of performance marketing.

This complete operating system will change the way you think about advertising and how you execute Facebook ads, forever.

  • Video & Written Based ‘Do It Yourself’ Learning Via a New Online Training Portal
  • Instant Access To All Online Modules From Account Setup, Marketing Strategies, Testing, Optimisation, Scaling and Automation – THE Only Ads
  • Management Training & Reference Guides You’ll Ever Need
  • ​Includes CBO Cookbook Insights, SMC Ads Policy Compliance Checklist, Mega Audience Cheatsheet, Worksheets, Downloads, Reference Guides, and More.

Relevance – Relationship – Rapport.

Ever wondered why some products and services sell better than others?

Despite the product or service not being as good as the ones not selling?

Brand-driven Performance Marketing.

Ever wondered why some advertisers are more in control of their campaigns than others?

Or how they can churn our consistently amazing results?

Brand-driven Performance Marketing.

Ever wanted to know exactly how to target your perfect customer, at the perfect time with the perfect ad?

And get them into the perfect funnel and becoming loyal customers?

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method is a collection of Frameworks responsible for helping me profitably spend well over $30M in Facebook ads and my agency overseeing over $1M per month in ad spend (on top of the millions I’ve invested in TV, paid search, direct mail and more). I run my own digital products and Ecommerce stores. I’m in the trenches, practising what I preach.

In fact the BEST investment I ever made was reading marketing books and learning from experienced brand marketers, and bringing that into the world of performance marketing.

This has been the spine of my success with Facebook Advertising since failing with my first ads in 2012.

My methods are older than Facebook itself… and it’s now all updated and ready for 2020 and beyond!

How Can I Help You Profit & Grow with Facebook Ads?

I figured some things out, taking businesses to 7, 8 and 9-figure revenues.

That Facebook ads success has very little to do with Facebook ads.

And everything to do with your CORE-4.

I’ve had thousands of students learn my systems, apply them and succeed in growing their business.
This is the exact training my agency uses to take businesses to 7 and 8-figures.

It’s the same system I use on my own ads whether profitably growing my Ecom stores, Affiliate Marketing sites or promoting this training program!

One of the key takeaways I’ve learned from all the brands I’ve worked with is the most profit goes to those with the best marketing strategies built on top of great products.

I have a vision of helping to improve the world’s advertising.
I’m doing this through my agency, my community and my training programs.
The BPM Method is my advertising operating system, delivered to you to copy and use for your business.

As Facebook Marketers The Struggle of Keeping Up With Changes Is Real

“What works today might not work tomorrow…”

We all know Facebook is constantly changing but what if I told you I know the secret ingredient to consistent profit no matter what Facebook does to switch up the advertising game?

… lack of sales
… expensive leads
… increasing competition

These are all things that seriously hurt your business (and confidence) as a Facebook Marketer… I know, because I’ve been there many years ago.

Here are just a few of my mistakes: 🤦‍♂️

❌ Spent a year boosting posts thinking that was the only way to run ads❌ Couldn’t make sense of the range of targeting and ad options
❌ Found very little practical help let alone guidance on exactly what I should be doing
❌ Was close to giving up on Facebook Ads as a viable advertising platform
❌ I wasted thousands trying to test things without knowing how to get things working
❌ I struggled to repeat my successes as I failed to develop a strategy, relying on chance
❌ I always felt Facebook was against me; just when things got working the rug was pulled from beneath me
❌ I felt inferior looking at other people’s results, wondering what their secrets were…

✅ Then… found a formula that worked back in 2014, that’s continued to pay dividends today.

Yep, 5 years later, EVEN in 2019…

The 7-Figure BPM Method for Facebook Ads

The BPM Method combines the power of branding, with the expert execution of performance marketing.

The same methods I’ve used on accounts spending $100/d through to $200,000 per day.

Designed for selling physical and digital products through mastering your targeting, creatives and funnel building.

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