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I have been creating and optimising highly profitable Google Ads campaigns since 2010

and in that time I have heard every excuse under the sun for why people don’t use Google Ads, some of the most common excuses are:

  • “I tried Google Ads and it didn’t work”
  • “Google just takes your money”
  • Or even “Google is a scam”

Every time I hear this I feel my frustration rising, because I know first hand what Google Ads can do for a business.

Google Ads can change your life. This might sound crazy … but I KNOW that this is 100% true

because I have built 3 very profitable businesses of my own using Google Ads (including this one), and helped countless business owners use Google Ads to grow their own business. 

Every time I take on an account and turn the Google Ads campaign from losing money to being the core reason their business is a success I see that all of the accounts have these things in common:

  • The campaigns have been set up incorrectly – especially with no strategy on what are the best campaigns to use for each product and how all of your campaigns will work together.
  • The Google Ads account is not being optimised correctly or even worse not being optimised at all.
  • The business or agency is using the incorrect budget or bidding strategies. 

The good news is that I have been able to fix all of these issues time and time again, this is why I know that you can easily grow your business with Google Ads and get results like this:

Sean Hunt | CEO

Aaron’s Google Ads strategies and insights have enabled us to achieve better results faster and allowed us to better target and grow our specific product categories.

Robert Billing

Aaron has helped me to scale my Google Performance Max campaign to increase sales by 40% this last month, I’m obviously super happy with these fantastic results, and can’t wait to see the upcoming months.

Daniel Gibney | CEO

Since using Aaron’s strategies for our Google Ads campaign we have seen a marked increase in sales & traffic to our website. Plus Aaron has helped us achieve something every business aims for – an increased ROI coupled with a decrease in costs.

I was able to turn around the performance of all of these accounts because of the knowledge I have gained through managing Google Ads campaigns for over 12 years (15,000 hours and counting!) I have discovered WHAT REALLY WORKS in Google Ads.

Success in Google Ads is not achieved by just throwing money at the Google gods and hoping they work it out. The fact is that you don’t have to ‘risk’ any money with Google Ads, my strategy is to:

  1.  Set up Google Ads with a clear structure so you can very quickly tell which products will be profitable for your business.
  2.  Focus your spending on these profitable products.
  3.  Once you are comfortable with the results, you then start to increase your budgets and scale your account (in the correct way). 

Following this step by step strategy allows you to take control of your own business and ditch those agencies fees for good because you and your team have the skills and strategies to grow your own business.

Or, if you are an Agency owner or want to become a Google Ads Freelancer, these strategies will allow you to grow the businesses of your clients so that they are happy for you to charge high management fees because you are that valuable to their business.

 Learning exactly how Google Ads works and how eCommerce business owners can use Google Ads Shopping and Performance Max campaigns to grow their business is a skill that has allowed me to build a very profitable agency and Google Ads coaching business and I want to share this knowledge with you.

This is why I created my new course which is especially for eCommerce businesses

Sell MORE with Google!

I am so excited to release this course as it has taken months of planning, writing, filming & editing to put together everything I have learnt and clearly explain the strategies that are working right now in Google Ads.  In this easy to use course, you will learn:

Module 1: Everything you need to know about eCommerce & Google Ads including exactly how Google Shopping & Performance Max campaigns work.

This is important because I wholeheartedly believe that you cannot succeed at Google Ads if you don’t understand how these types of campaigns work.

Module 2: How to start selling your products with Google Ads the RIGHT way!

Remember how I said that one of the biggest reasons for why people don’t see succeed with Google Ads is because their account and campaigns are set up the wrong way? Well, in this module I will show you the exact account and campaign structures that you need to create for success with Google Ads.

Module 3: My ‘secret’ (well until now 😄) advanced campaign and account structures that I use to build and scale brands to generate millions of dollars in product sales every single year!

In this module I do not hide anything, and I even show you the set-up of some of my actual campaigns. 

Module 4: Build guaranteed sales and profits with this optimisation strategy. 

When optimising a Google Shopping or Performance Max campaign, a clear step by step process should be followed, I will take you through all of the different optimisation options you have, so you can find the problems and then fix the problems. 

In this module I even breakdown exactly what you need to check and optimise in your Shopping and Performance Max campaigns very 72 hours, every week, every month & every 90 days.

Module 5: Know what types of campaigns to use & when to use them! 

For success you need a clear strategy on what campaigns will be used for, I will teach you:

  •  Your ‘Always on’ & “Promotional periods’
  •  Aggressive market domination strategies
  •  Defensive market protection strategies
  •  Which campaigns build your revenue
  •  Which campaigns build your brand 

Module 6: called ‘To the moon with double digit growth 🚀

In this teaching I take you through how to review your performance and bidding strategies so that you can review the correct data AND then make the correct decisions to ensure that you will see month on month growth. This module also includes real life examples from accounts that I personally manage.

If you have ever completed one of my courses before you know that my focus is on:

  • Sharing clear, easy to understand knowledge! I have no interest in trying to show how smart I am, my sole focus throughout the whole course is making it easy to understand, even if you are new to Google Ads. 
  •  Easy to follow actionable steps. When it comes to the practical steps of setting up your campaigns and optimising your campaigns I have broken these steps into easy to follow, short videos so you can watch them on repeat whenever you need to.
  •  Assisted learning! If you have any questions, I have the answers. So in every course module there is a private student only comments section where you can ask any extra qualifying questions. 

Sell MORE with Google is NOT based on fads or theories,

it is based on real strategies that are working right now. PLUS if anything does change, I update the course and you get access to the updated modules for no extra cost.

Unlike many other Google Ads courses who talk the talk but just leave you more confused, Sell MORE with Google is created to give you the practical knowledge and step by step strategy to confidently create and optimise your own profitable campaigns. 

I first started creating this course because a very good friend of mine paid over $3000 for a Google Ads course (after seeing my success in the industry) and it taught them all of the important words they need to know for Google Ads BUT they had absolutely no idea on how to set-up a successful campaign. There was no practical step by step teaching, just a lot of sales jargon.

I created Sell MORE with Google to be different, not only are you getting the most up to date strategies that work right now but you also get the practical step by step knowledge that you need for success with Google Shopping & Performance Max campaigns. 

This information is valuable! I have companies pay me well over $240,000 a year for private coaching and campaign management. (Yes that’s right $20,000 a month!)

The reason that they happily pay so much is because of the profit and revenue that this strategy has generated for their multi million dollar business’s. 

I understand that for many businesses this amount of money makes this knowledge out of reach, so this is why I have decided to package all of my highly effective strategies into one easy to follow course that you can work through at your own pace, making it as accessible as possible for everyone.

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