Darren McStay (Vocabilities) – Improve Your Voice – School of Vocal Excellence 2023


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Improve Your Voice

Discover the secrets behind having an amazing voice. Learn to relax, gain confidence and become more present through these simple daily exercises.

“Improve Your Voice is a great introduction for anyone to learn how to communicate better. Singers, actors, and public speakers will benefit from this course, as well as anyone who simply wants to boost their confidence and the effect they have on people in every day conversations.” Alan S. Weber – Professor of English

This eight week course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to achieve great results with every aspect of your voice – enabling clear, resonant and confident vocality.

Through simple daily exercises you will unlock ways in which to:

– Become a more effective speaker or singer

– Gain confidence in yourself

– Develop a more authoritative, engaging and resonant speaking and/or singing voice

– Learn physical and practical training techniques for daily practice

– See an immediate positive change

– Improve your pitch, tone, projection, articulation, resonance and overall presence

– Overcome nerves and engage any audience

– Relax and find comfort in your physicality, body language and self awareness

– Feel more comfortable in yourself and relieve stress

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