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The Hilarious, All-Digital Newsletter Stuffed With Daniel Throssell’s Newest & Best Copywriting Tactics & Ideas — Delivered To Your Phone Each Month!

Pssst! Before You Read This Sales Page, Check My Newest Copywriting Innovation For Warm Traffic … The “Sales Page Spoiler Box”!*

(*I get to call it the “Throssell Box” now, right?)


💰 PRICE: $500/month

😱 SERIOUSLY?!? Nahhhhh, just price-anchoring you. It’s $50/month. Relax 😜

📆 RELEASE DATE: 15th of each month (or following business day)

📱 FORMAT: 100% digital newsletter, delivered & readable via smartphone app ONLY

🎁 CONTENT: One new copywriting tactic/idea per month

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 TARGET AUDIENCE: Copywriters & business owners who write copy

🛑 CANCELLATION POLICY: Read sales page for details…

☠️ RISK OF GRUESOME DEATH FROM GIANT MONSTERS IN COPYLAND: 81% (average figure; may vary with skill, creativity, and running speed)

📜 FURTHER DETAILS: On sales page below…

G’day — I’m Daniel Throssell,
aka “Australia’s Best Copywriter”.

But of course I don’t expect you to just believe such a brash claim without proof.

So here is a picture of me punching a goo-’roo:


Everyone knows goo-’roos only live in Copyland Australia. And, I am the only copywriter with a picture of me punching one. Therefore, I MUST be “Australia’s Best Copywriter”. QED.

Now … where were we?

Oh, right.

I was just telling you about…

Adventures in Copyland! is my brand-new, all-digital monthly copywriting newsletter.

Like I explained earlier, it costs $50/month to subscribe.

And — as a general rule — each month’s “Adventure” reveals…

One Exciting Copywriting Tactic Or Idea
I’ve NEVER Shared Anywhere Else!

You see, over the years I’ve come up with a lot of new copywriting tactics:

Novel approaches to email storytelling … writing sales email campaigns … attracting clients … list-building … sales letter copywriting … etc.

And in the course of my work … I’m constantly coming up with more ideas every month.

Occasionally, when I get enough new ideas around a related topic — like “market research” or “writing email sales campaigns” or “getting clients on Upwork” — I’ll gather them up and turn them into one of my famed copywriting courses.

But the truth is…

MOST Of My Best Ideas
Have Never Seen The Light Of Day!

And that’s simply because they’re just too small and tactical to be put into their own course.

Of course, the whole time, I’ve been using these exact ideas on my business’s own email list.

(That’s how I know they work — because they’re working like crazy for me.)

And so Adventures in Copyland! is founded on a simple premise:

Each Month, I Choose ONE Copywriting Tactic Or Idea From The Pages Of My Secret “Lab Notebook” … Write Up A Private Briefing Explaining How It Works … And Zap It Straight To Your Phone!

And frankly?

I have so many ideas (I’ll show you some in a moment), the problem is which to share with you.

At present, I have several years’ worth of tactics lined up, which don’t really fit neatly into any ‘course’ I could create.

So for Adventures in Copyland!, I’m selecting the copywriting tactics & ideas which tick as many of the following boxes as possible:


Whenever I discover or invent a new copywriting tactic that doesn’t fit into one of my courses, Adventures in Copyland! is the FIRST place I will publish it. You will be getting my newest & best ideas before anyone else sees them.


I am not interested in reheating tactics you have heard taught by anyone else. I prefer to teach tactics I have personally discovered or invented on my own … OR, where I teach you something that is not original to me, it will come with my new & unique perspective on how to apply it.


These are NOT beginner tactics like “benefits, not features!” or “use scarcity!” that you’d expect to find in a book, blog, or beginner copywriting course.


As much as possible, these are real tactics I have personally witnessed working — and in many cases, they are the EXACT copywriting tactics *I* rely on, day after day, to make an income that supports my family with no more than a single email to my list per day.


Ultimately, the point of teaching these tactics to you is so that YOU can use them in your own copywriting, for your business (or your clients’). So each issue shows you not just WHAT the tactic is … but HOW to implement it for yourself (because otherwise, what would be the point?)

Sooooooo … That’s Cool, But, Uh … What Does That LOOK Like?

Well, think my daily emails … plus the kind of awesome copywriting insights you expect from my copywriting courses … and you’re not too far off:

The World’s First Copywriting Newsletter Built ENTIRELY On Mobile App Technology!

Which means…

✅ A reading experience designed “from the ground up” for your phone — no pinching or zooming required

✅ HALF the price of other copywriting newsletters — I’ve saved BIG on paper & shipping costs … and I’ve passed the savings entirely onto you

✅ Seamless integration with video/audio “how-to” training — If a tactic is easier to show you than tell you, I’ll just give you a screen recording you can watch right there in the app

✅ Instant, free delivery anywhere in the world

✅ Butter-smooth “zero-login” access — you’ll just get a notification, tap it, and get your newsletter

✅ Always in your pocket — it’ll be the one newsletter you always have when you have a spare minute

And so on. Yay for apps!


If the app thing puts you off from subscribing, that is fine. No need to write to me with your feelings about this decision. I understand it’s not for everyone!

Subscribers ALSO Get A Few “Private” Perks…

Such as:

🎁 Exclusive “SECRET” product offers my main email list will never even HEAR about…

💵 “Subscriber-only” DISCOUNTS on new courses…

🤐 PRIVATE updates & news…

😇 And any OTHER ways I end up thinking of to treat you better than anyone else … just for being a subscriber.


I do not offer these kinds of privileges lightly.

And I don’t want people dipping in and out of this subscription, taking advantages of the perks and picking the issues they like, and dropping out other months.

Which is why — to prevent exactly that behaviour — I am assuming a very controversial…

“In Once, Out Once”
Cancellation Policy:

In order to deter people from an endless cycle of multiple subscriptions and cancellations … I only allow you to subscribe (and cancel) ONCE.

Practically, that means once you cancel, you cannot rejoin.

I mean … it’s not actually as dramatic as it sounds. You’re free to cancel when you want. And frankly, I think you will LOVE the newsletter and won’t ever want to cancel as long as you’re a copywriter.

I just … don’t want to spend hours every month dealing with cancellation requests from people who have already cancelled multiple times. In fact, I want to deal with as few cancellation requests as possible, even if it costs me subscribers. So, a limit of one time applies.

Also, while you can cancel at any time, there are no change-of-mind refunds on any part of your subscription.

So please understand this BEFORE you join.

But, come on…

It’s Just

That’s, like, half the price of most copywriting newsletters / masterminds / “inner circles”.

It’s literally less than $2 per day.

If cash is so tight in your copywriting business that a $50/month commitment is a financial risk … you are not at the level where this newsletter makes sense for you, anyway. I don’t recommend joining yet.


IF You Think
You’re Ready To Join…

If you can easily afford a $50/month investment in your copywriting skills (and maybe a bit extra for some upsells … just sayin’ 😏) …

If you understand that there’s no jumping in and out of this subscription — you’re “in once, out once”…

If you’re 100% comfortable with the subscription being accessed via my smartphone app only…

If you can commit to not being a pain-in-the-posterior customer — you understand that this is real life, things probably WILL break/go wrong at some point, and you are willing to “assume the best” and give me the chance to help you out with any problems, rather than chucking a hissy fit demanding a fix at 3am on a Sunday…

And most importantly, if you TRUST me … and I DON’T just mean trusting my qualifications to teach you all these super-cool copywriting new tactics … but you truly trust me as an honest, God-fearing guy who is fundamentally committed to doing RIGHT by you, ALWAYS having your back as my customer, and NEVER ‘phoning it in’ on anything I deliver you…

Well, in that case…

I’d Like To Invite YOU To Join Me Inside Adventures in Copyland!

And you can do that with the button below:

I’m looking forward to teaching you some of the coolest, most original and most exciting copywriting secrets I know.

See you on the inside,

Sales Page:_https://persuasivepage.com/adventures-in-copyland/

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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