Dan Martell - 8 - Week Growth Accelerator for Early - Stage Software Founders

Dan Martell – 8 – Week Growth Accelerator for Early – Stage Software Founders


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The Growth Accelerator helps you build systems that will get you more customers faster and set you up for scalable growth.

If you are in the early stages of building a software company (<10k MRR), and you are looking for the tools to find your product-market fit, nail your messaging, build a repeatable customer acquisition strategy and a scalable sales & onboarding process… this is the program for you!

This is THE most comprehensive and detailed program I offer when it comes to starting, growing and scaling a technology company.

The Growth Accelerator Outline:

  • Week 1: Nail Your Niche & Authority Site (solve the right problem for the right customer)
  • Week 2: Content Funnel Blueprint (system for repeatably building authority) 
  • Week 3: Winning Webinar
  • Week 4: Partner Playbook (bring the right people in at the right time) 
  • Week 5: Paid Ads Funnel, New Lead Sequence
  • Week 6: Trial Conversion Emailer, Activation Builder (activate new trials for customers)
  • Week 7: Product Demo Funnel & Script (create a scalable sales process and rock your demos)
  • Week 8: Scale The Team

30 Day No Hassle Guarantee

What do your next 8 weeks look like? Seriously.
If you’re on this page it’s because you’re looking for something to finally deliver the results you’re after.
Until you give the Growth Accelerator an honest shot, you’ll never know what your next 8 weeks can mean for your family’s wealth (and personal impact).
I promise that over the next 8 weeks your schedule will look radically different as you dive into the Growth Accelerator Program.
If, for whatever reason you don’t like the way your “new schedule” plays out – or you don’t think we delivered the value we promised – you have 30 days for a 100%, no hassle refund and you can revert back to your default 😉
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