Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts


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Dan S. Kennedy demystifies how to use the potent secrets of opportunity marketing without the hype so you can sell better. Transfer the powerful strategies of opportunity marketing to your business and watch your profits soar.

Sell just about anything better using opportunity marketing concepts. Reveals how to bridge the “Grand Canyon Sized Gap” between what your prospect really thinks and your current sales message. Dan shares the game-changers from opportunity marketing by comparing and contrasting the opportunity marketer’s approach to the two sales approaches most commonly used in marketing. Discover how to apply opportunity selling concepts to better attract a more committed customer, craft a story that connects to where your prospect actually is mentally and taps into your customer’s desire so you can greatly elevate your revenues and profits.

  • Tap Into Desire and Sell Your Products and Services Better
  • Elevate Your Profits
  • Overcome Your Most Difficult Selling Obstacles

The Six Ways to Apply Opportunity Concepts to Your Business

Find out how to present your existing product to a different market, convert your deliverable to a business opportunity, package your business for consulting, or simply improve your current marketing.

Legendary Opportunity Marketing Examples, Samples, Presentations and Q & A’s

Create desire and demand for your products and services by observing some of the most well done, authentic and ethical opportunity marketing examples in history. Plus listen in as Dan and his guest speakers walk audience members through steps for transferring opportunity concepts to their own marketing.

Opportunity Marketing Toolbox

Make the BEST product possible for your “herd” without attracting people who infect your business and drag it down. Tools move people from wherever they are to wherever they need to be so you can make the sale.

The Opportunity Selling Approach

Overcome your customers BIGGEST obstacles and learn about the obstacles you most likely aren’t even aware exist. Plus, discover the eleven agreements customers MUST make before they will buy. Includes how to reframe, reposition, repackage, re-language and reinvent the way you present.

Transcription Manual Includes Exhibits, Examples and Swipe

Gain real insider advantages with this transcript and manual stuffed full of powerful examples.

Online Access to Dan’s 3-Day “Opportunity Concepts” Event

Access the abridged and edited videos, audio version and transcript through our online web program so you can watch, listen, read or reference Dan’s Opportunity Concepts anytime, anywhere and any way you like.

This resource has been newly released as an online training course for 2012.

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