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We identify the very best practitioners in the world, and get them to teach you their craft

Our mission at CXL is democratizing elite know-how.

CXL Institute is different from other learning platforms.

We get the very best practitioners to teach courses. Not full-time lecturers or academics, nor our own employees who’ve memorized the syllabus (like is the case with most learning providers).

We go out of our way to identify the people who are the very best at what they do, and get them to teach their craft. This way we can bring elite level know-how to you.

CXL Institute is best suited for teams
The Institute has a *lot* of great content. It’s really unrealistic for one person (unless you’re a superhero!) to go through it all.

But it’s ideal for teams as it has various courses for different focus areas like digital analytics, conversion optimization, customer acquisition and general digital marketing.

Here’s how Sanoma is using it throughout their organization:

You need it, we (most likely) have it

We have a lot of courses – so it’s highly likely that we can teach you the skills you need right now.

To start off there are 4 in-depth certification programs that will get you advanced level skills in respective disciplines:

conversion optimization,
growth marketing,
digital psychology and persuasion,
digital analytics.
Add here our extensive library of standalone courses – it’s got everything a top performing team needs.

We’re optimizing to make sure you start getting results like the best.


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