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52 Weeks of Blog Content Done for You

Get traffic, build your authority, and dominate your niche!

ONE WHOLE YEAR of blog post templates written and formatted for you

Create an endless flow of traffic all year long

Lists, How-to’s, Expert Roundups, Reasons Why, The One Thing, Top Mistakes, Beginner’s GuidesInfographics, and so much more

Blogging is about to get so much simpler

Get instant access to The Blog Post Vault 

with 52 templates that work together to build your audience & traffic

Choose a template and follow the prompts

to keep your readers engaged, learning and ready to take action 

Hit publish and build your business 

one blog post at a time with more traffic, subscribers and customers

The Blog Post Vault includes 52 fill-in-the-blank blog post templates in 3 strategic categories for the perfect SEO content strategy


  • “What is?” Posts
  • “My Take” Posts
  • “Reasons Why” Posts
  • “The Only Thing” Posts
  • “Breaking News” Posts
  • “Myth Slayer” Posts


  • “List” Posts
  • “How to” Posts
  • “Resources” Posts
  • “What’s Next?” Posts
  • “Top Mistakes” Posts
  • The Expert Roundup
  • The Product Review
  • The “Infographic” Post


  • The “FAQ” Post
  • Beginner’s Guide Posts
  • Ultimate Guide Posts
  • Expanded “How to” Posts
  • Expanded “What is?” Posts
  • The “Everything” Post

Here’s what’s inside…


Foundation Post Templates

These quick and easy posts are perfect when you’re short on time, need to blog consistently, and want to build your SEO niche while gaining loads of credibility with your readers. 

And you can even repurpose them as social media posts, emails, reels, TikToks, YouTube shorts, and more!


When you want to build massive authority with potential customers and start owning your SEO keywords, Authority posts are what you need. Use these templates to target broader, more competitive topics that build upon your Foundation posts.

**You can turn Authority posts into lead magnets to build your email list!**


Blow away your competition and dominate your niche with these “ultimate resource” style posts that include any & every detail your readers will ever need to know about a topic you want to be known for.

** These are a great starting point for eBooks & courses that you can sell directly from your blog. **

You’ll have The Blog Post Content Library

No more wondering what to write about and how it will help your business. With the Content Library, you’ll have endless ideas and templates at your fingertips so you can quickly grab the ones you want.

Quickly scan for a template that interests you, click the link and start editing

  • 52 blog post templates arranged by post type, theme, and goal so you have endless ideas at your fingertips
  • Understand the difference between Foundation, Authority, and Domination posts and which ones will help you achieve your goals the fastest
  • Know how long to budget for each post type so you can plan your time and schedule
  • Generate a fresh template any time you want – use your favorite templates again and again to build your blog

Choose the type of post you want to write based on your mood, the time you have, and your goals 

  • Work when and how you want with complete confidence that your blogging strategy is targeted & cohesive, no matter which post type you choose
  • Know exactly why you’re writing each post and how it will help your business – whether it’s to send signals to Google, win new business, or generate leads
  • All the templates work together to establish your SEO foundation & niche authority, then scale as your business grows

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