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Announcing: Content Editing 101

Most online writers try to learn and apply editing best practices all at once.

This is a ticket to overwhelm city and a great way to forget everything you’ve learned.

You’ll second-guess every decision you make. Obsess over small details. Get annoyed. And make no meaningful progress.

And then, you’ll give up. You’ll decide content editing is a waste of time or something you’ll never wrap your head around. You lean hard on spell-check and call it a day.

I built this course to save you from feeling overwhelmed by or hating this critical part of the writing process.

And to give you a roadmap of what to do, when, and why.

Content Editing 101 is designed to help you slow down and take it one step at a time.

I’ve also teamed up with AI Whisperer Rob Lennon to create a Learn → Do → Play experience.

While AI is not great at content writing (yet), Rob has trained it to edit like a pro.

He’s taken all of my lessons and built AI bots to help you apply what you’ve learned right away.

So the course is both self-directed and interactive.

And you walk away knowing the principles of editing but also having a set of automated editing tools to apply those principles more quickly.

Here’s how the course works:

  • We’ll teach you the basics of how to self-edit
  • We’ll give you manual exercises to lock in your new knowledge
  • We’ll give you AI bots to help you immediately test and refine your skills

This expert advice + AI approach is powerful.

We pioneered it in our Hooked on Writing Hooks course bundle, and it went so well, we’re doing it again, but better.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Content Editing 101 System


  • Mindset Makeover for Writers: Reprogram yourself to see how cutting the fluff is actually adding to your content.
  • Overcome the Myth: Editing isn’t only for professionals. Anyone can do it.
  • Editing Essentials Bootcamp: A quick dive into the three types of editing.


  • Redundancy Removal Toolkit: Techniques to eliminate unnecessary repetition.
  • Active Voice Activator: Transform passive to active voice for more impactful writing.
  • Tense Mastery Class: Understand tenses and why one rules the others.
  • Sentence Structure Simplified: The 4 types of sentences for strong and clear writing, plus when to go concise and when to go long.
  • BONUS! Specific Hook Secrets: One of our most popular lessons from Hooked on Writing Hooks (also a great editing tip).


  • Navigate the Narrative Gap: Identify and fix gaps in your content.
  • Amplify Your Argument: Techniques to make stronger, more persuasive arguments.
  • Structural Strategy: Master the flow from ‘What’ to ‘Why’ to ‘How’.

All this will teach you everything you need to know to quickly sweep through your first drafts and take them from good to great.

Bonus #1: Content Editors Workbook ($50 value)

A convenient companion document for all of the exercises in the course.

Bonus #2: Your AI Learning Guides and Editors ($350 value)


  • Explore each lesson with its own AI bot: Run your content through bots to see examples of the principles in action.
  • 2 Editorbots: Access to a duo of virtual editors that are trained on the Content Editing 101 system for development editing and copy editing.

The addition of AI makes the course fun, easy, and interactive.

It increases skill lock-in by giving you an extra mode to interact with the information.

And you walk away with a suite of auto-editing tools to accelerate your journey.

Bonus #3: Live Editing Masterclasses (INCLUDED FREE)

Rob has written millions of words and self-published 47 titles on Amazon. I’ve edited millions of words and trained and managed content teams.

Together, we sit down and put all the principles from the course into action in two mini masterclasses (~30 minutes each).

The copy editing and developmental editing modules each come with a masterclass video where we focus on the types of edits talked about in that module.

These are fun, insightful videos and for many people they’ll end up being the most valuable part of the course.

With Content Editing 101 here’s what happens.

You’ll get an editing roadmap and learn the frameworks from a series of video + written lessons.

You’ll get a workbook with short and fun exercises to quickly apply what you’ve learned.

You’ll get a set of interactive AI bots that can reveal similar edits in your writing.

You’ll get our video masterclasses with even more real-world examples.

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