[GroupBuy] Clipart Prompt Builder PRO for Midjourney, Dalle 3 (Google Sheets Table )


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Clipart Prompt Builder PRO

Clipart Prompt Builder PRO is a Google Sheets table with dropdown lists featuring pre-filled options for crafting Clipart prompts enhanced with ChatGPT for Midjourney v6 and DALL-E 3. Create prompts for Valentines, Flower, Easter, or Wedding cliparts – ideal for greeting cards, Instagram highlights, brand kit elements, and many more.

It’s the only tool you’ll ever need for prompting, just read our customers’ feedback 😉

✅ All the prompts are valid for Midjourney V 6.0 and Dalle 3.

It’s a perfect tool for beginners who want to craft prompts in minutes without spending much time learning, and professionals, seeking for inspiration, unlimited prompts with ChatGPT, and acceleration of their workflow.

1. Login to your Google account
2. Open the Clipart Prompt Builder from the PDF instruction you’ve received upon your purchase
3. Go to FILE => MAKE A COPY and work in your own copy, otherwise the dropdown lists will not work
4. To create a prompt you should choose options from pre-filled dropdown lists, and/or write your own text in the text fields
5. You can use the Result prompt as it is, or press “Enhance with ChatGPT” button to add details. Copy the prompt you like more and paste it to Midjourney or ChatGPT for DALL-E 3 outcome.
That’s it! Just that easy you can create your prompts in minutes or even seconds!

• 14 dropdown lists (+2 compared to Starter versions, Parameters have 4 instead of 2) + 3 custom text fields, + style reference link field
• “Enhance with ChatGPT” button for infinite prompts
• 10 custom fields of your own options for each dropdown list
• Bulk prompting: possibility to produce up to 26 jobs from one prompt (with different objects/colors/styles)
• “Reset all” button to clear all your selections fast

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